I have no doubt, if he was written in his power level during say during his Fourth World Omnibus or Legends (although he doesnt do a lot in that series) he could beat WB Hulk every time, but on current level Superman has withstood OB, so has Orion, so has Mary Marvel (with BA powers), i can understand people reasonably thinking Hulk could do that say. And show a better argument to show Hulk cant match their argument, showing hulk was hurt by a blast and continued fighting and beating the character in question shows that? Thor Survived a supernova without even a scratch, so did Classic Drax and so did Silver Surfer. @czarny_samael666: In pure slugfest Hulk kills him, but in theory Darkseid should win with no effort with his godly powers, examples are matter manipulation, time manipulation, BFR, energy projection, he can shut down his mind with telepathy etc. To put it into better context, let's say Superman and Captain Marvel collided in midair. Chapter 16: Clash between titans…. My scan proves You wrong. They didn't even destroy the city. WB Hulk would win this. ... World Breaker Hulk wins. I think WBH would win if it was a fist fight but DS has his Omega beams and all his other godly powers. Your post did not imply any knowledge whatsoever. He has reached such a level by rage only few times. Darkseid is pathetic in hand to hand combat and wouldn't want any part of this Hulk. There's a HUGE difference between levitation and flight, i.e maneuverability. Read the comic. The best World Breaker Hulk feat that I know of is him destroying a planet. @mikep12: No. Well if you really wanted to decide who would win this fight then you would neither overrate or underrate. I asked for evidence of Hulk being able to survive a super nova and the only thing I get is him surviving an attack from human torch. !LOL, Without BFR, Darkseid would still break Hulk in half. World Breaker Hulk vs. Darkseid (Post Crisis) ... and i hardly doubt the OB would be an instant win for Darkseid when Superman has tanked them several times. You didn't know Uxas could fly and stated he was killed by a bullet so of course I assumed you didn't know the situation. If the Omega beams kill him, he can just reform and become angrier. @Insanitiezzz: wow, you just provided a feat that shows that hulk can resist a heat equal to the sun , now i'm sure to loose, XD your hilarious, and you forgot the mention that thats a weaker version of the hulk, World breaker is A planet buster, I showed a feat of Gladiator's heat vision ripping through Hulk. As insanely powerful as Darkseid is I believe if superman can beat him then WBH can too. Darkseid. The Hulk with ease. the rest of your feats are mediocre, show hulk withstanding the force of an actual super nova, other wise fuck off. Darkseid has easily survived planetary impacts with no scratches, tanker blasts from nigh-omnipotent beings, tank attacks from imps, easily defeat Doctor Fate Earth 2, The Multivsrsal Green, Stalemate The Spectre (Who couldn't kill … However, i do concede on the fact Darkseid is portrayed in a higher operational field so realistically, he should be able to beat Hulk. @carter_esque: Let them get mad. Is there an official expiration of feats? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Doomsday would kill Hulk easily. In a physical fight Hulk will win, but Darkseid can BFR him. N52 Darkseid or pre-52 Darkseid? That scan doesnt really prove anything. You know that's the worst argument ever. Physically brawling HULK loses / Hulk standing there getting angry he loses . @superguy1591: The guy who just recently had his arm broken....the one who was killed by an amped Batman....the one who needed help to defeat Mongul. Also - Hulk fought with other people in this level, so You can't say that he never reached that level again. Darkseid Omega Beam capabilities have been a little questionable during the last 5 years, blame the writer. This guy looks a bit like Apocalypse but if what we're sensing his right, this guy is on par with Thanos in terms of power and possibly strength" Banner said within his and Hulk's mindscape. hulk wins easy didnt doomsday beat the crap out of darkseid when they first meet. I don't see anything else to discuss in this matter. Hulk is a joke. the OB wont be nearly enough to put down WB Hulk because of the healing factor. Hulk, any version, gets one shotted by Darkseid. He's already one shotted characters that have greater durability then WBHulk. @quanchi: Hulk is the strongest IN MARVEL, but DC heroes are stronger than Marvel heroes. I can recall only one situation right now. I could also put scans from Action Comics 814 of Superman trolling Darkseid . @TheAcidSkull: How does Hulk being a planet buster help him win this fight? But that is okay, because it's a complicated story. I think that from all these people You actually have reasons. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. They even exchange bodies, but not because of their power, but because they are the same person. NDCU Superman is in WB Hulk's level. Hulk would rape the nuJla. @Killemall:Why are you talking? @carter_esque: think back to how devastating Prime was to the DCU, no Kryptonite in the Marvel U. Assuming this isn't Jobberseid, Hulk gets stomped. Darkseid has dueled the Justice League more times than anyone can count, and Thanos has waged several wars against the likes of the Avengers, X-Men, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

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