Yes, I’m aware that this argument puts me in the sights of a lot of big, and potentially very nasty, people. It”s not the diet, per se, Anne. Audience Relations, CBC P.O. However, I believe you are the first to articulate not just the how, but the WHY all of this works. But, that still leaves plenty, plenty of super delicious and healthy food to eat. Whisk again and store in the fridge, it stays fresh for 7 to 10 days. I was impressed that Macleans ran the story, since Canada is among the largest producers of wheat in the world. I could not have said it better! Yoni Freedhoff, a family doctor and diet expert who runs a nutrition clinic in Ottawa, says the eating guidelines touted in Wheat Belly are similar to other carb-free diets that get results by dramatically reducing the carbohydrates and calories people eat. He also claims the wheat we eat now is not what it used to be. UPDATE: Resources and information on COVID-19 testing and more. Comments are welcome while open. The term “wheat belly” was popularized in 2012 by the cardiologist William Davis in his book Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight and Find Your Path Back to Health. And do you want your passion for wellness to change the world? But, do your own research. Hmmm I wonder why?!!! ie, diabetes/obesity and all the associated problems. So sorry !!!!!! Lory. As one of the ‘acolytes’ again, I respectfully disagree. Researchers theorized that low-carb diets could have a negative impact on thinking and cognition because the brain doesn’t store glucose, its primary fuel, instead relying on the body to produce it from carbohydrates in the diet. And I think…it’s what people want to hear. That advice is woefully outdated. It was courageous of them to print something that is bound to hit many Canadians economically. Wheat geneticist Dr. Ravi Chabbar is heading up the Saskatchewan project and is paid to advise the grain industry, but this particular project is being funded by the federal government. Clearly this matches up with your wheat argument. Critics say the anti-wheat claims made by leading health crusader Dr. William Davis are based on shaky science, an investigation by the fifth estate has found.. Davis is the author of the No. Davis also links wheat to mental illness such as schizophrenia. I was contemplating this product but am concerned it is anti productive with the “Wheat Belly” approach. Happy to say she said your book Wheat Belly is stirring up a bit of controversy within the med community in Halifax. However, one thing I’ve seen in your blog posts and interviews confuses me. Because all they can talk about is “Grok this…” and “Grok that…”. No, sorry, no TV in Canada yet. How many carbs should I be eating each day? Dr. William Davis is a New York Times #1 best selling author and Medical Director and founder of the Undoctored program, including the Undoctored Health Workplace Program. I thank you for your efforts, and after realizing just how embedded wheat has become in our culture, I’d watch your back if I were you and I hope your background is relatively clean. You are brave to rock the boat but you are not alone, as you know – hopefully more people in the medical community will have the courage to change their view. “Americans tend to over-consume refined wheat products—energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods that are high in sugar and fat,” says Nicola McKeown, an associate professor at the Friedman School and a scientific advisor to the Whole Grains Council. He argues wheat has killed more people than all wars combined, and that it is responsible for an astonishing array of diseases — diabetes, obesity, Crohn’s disease and autoimmune disease, among many others. Follow a full program of bowel flora restoration in the aftermath of wheat, I lost the wheat, but didn’t lose the weight – Identifying weight loss blockers, I lost the wheat but didn’t lose the weight – Video: Part 1, I lost the wheat but didn’t lose the weight – Video: Part 2, I lost the wheat but didn’t lose the weight – Video: Part 3, Lost The Wheat, But Didn’t Lose The Weight. Their ‘bread’, called ‘injera’, is made from a grain called teff. So many times we are told do this and do that but without knowing the “why” there seems to be little point. If you read most any of the prominent paleo types (e.g., Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Gnolls) they are very much interested in how foods interact with the body and are pretty…you know…sciencey and stuff. The term “wheat belly” was popularized in 2012 by the cardiologist William Davis in his book Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight and Find Your Path Back to Health. However, the troubling public health message that results from this is that wheat is the culprit,” she says, noting that “there is a lack of scientific evidence to support the claims that eating wheat is an independent risk factor for weight gain.”. He also heard similar stories from others: “Patient after patient came back and said, 'Well, I did that, my blood sugar’s much better and I also lost 43 pounds and I didn’t do anything else.'". What surprised me in your book were the added problems of dementia, arthritis, cataracts etc that are also all bought on by eating wheat. To learn more about Wheat Belly or Dr. William Davis, connect with him on Facebook, at his website,, and on Twitter, @WilliamDavisMD. You might consider obtaining the assistance of someone in functional medicine to decipher what is wrong with your intestinal tract. I disagree with you that dairy is good for humans to eat. . When I have gone grainless on Atkins or the first weeks of South Beach, I end up with intestinal issues. To sum up, I am trying my hand at wheatlessness, am fueled by little other than protein and fats, and have never been faster in my 35 years. I have been following this topic off an on now for about two years am more convinced than ever that wheat and sugar (in that order) are causing a medical catastrophe the scale of which is unsurpassed. Hi Barbara. Resources and information on COVID-19 testing and more. Compared to individuals who ate no whole grains, those consuming at least three servings daily, including whole wheat, rice and oatmeal, had 10 percent lower belly fat, even after accounting for other dietary and lifestyle factors. The fifth estate could not locate any study on humans that conclusively proves wheat is addictive. Why we assume that because someone us in a position of authority on any given topic that they must know of what they speak? I agree with the above poster, Brian. On the other hand, you also point out that wheat has had deleterious effects throughout civilization. . A few questions please need answering, ", Watch The War on Wheat Friday at 9 p.m. (9:30 NT) on CBC’s the fifth estate. Am not sure if the Wheat Belly diet is somewhat like Atkins, it sure seems like it to me. I personally recommend a moderate rather than a high-carbohydrate diet for most people based on the weight of evidence. I’m going to borrow your “wheatlessness”–that’s perfect! Research by McKeown and her colleagues found that higher intakes of refined grains lead to more visceral adipose tissue (VAT)—essentially, belly fat. He does give alternative milks (one could use coconut or nonGMO soy) but there are too many recipes with cheese and sometimes lots of it, or sour cream, with no suggested alternatives (because there are very few) which means the recipes won’t work. WOW am I impressed, made the flaxseed wrap today, did not look the best but was quite good. I don not have any of the risk factors. Like quinoa, buckwheat, and amaranth, teff lacks the immune-disrupting, inflammation-provoking, appetite-stimulating properties of wheat. Bravo, Brian! | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Books | Media | Contact. I look forward to the podcasts! Thank you so much for enlightening me about a life long problem I have had. We are both in our early sixties. I cannot speak to your particular calcium needs, but unless you have a medical need to consume dairy products, I can’t imagine any reason why you would need them. Wheat belly is otherwise known as a beer belly or visceral belly fat. Focaccia bread recipe–wheat-free, of course! My bodyfat % is normally well below average due to my intense workouts yet I could never seem to attain the ultra low weight necessary to truly excel at the elite level (less weight = free speed, provided power is not sacrificed.). Which flour can I use to bread meats? Cheers and Happy Holidays! It would not be unusual, for example, for a non-diabetic to generate a blood glucose of 150-200 mg/dl after a half-cup of teff. I am very happy where I am at with this diet and plan to follow it forever…. philisophy rather than how all these interactions actually affect the human body today. But Davis insists wheat is dangerous for everyone, causing high blood pressure, heart diseases, dementia and cancer. Most people can get more than enough calcium from plant foods. Isn’t the true message that wheat–all wheat–is unnecessary and harmful? . For an expanded Undoctored experience, join our Inner Circle to talk to Dr. Davis and others engaged in the program. Hi unterderlaterne, Click to order and learn more. Schwarcz says he hasn’t seen any evidence that wheat has addictive properties, as Davis claims in his book. He eats high carb/low fat and stays away from eating anything high in cholesterol. Can someone do fine with some fermented full-fat cheese? I had heard of Alzheimer’s disease referred to as diabetes type 3. It appears that Davis based this claim mainly on one study of rat brains, done on dead rats in 1979. thank you for the tip! Calcium was absolutely fine. I don’t know which among them will be live vs. recorded, but I will post links to podcasts, should they become available. I believe it may be connected to wheat consumption. I know about the allergy connection to wheat, but am wondering about the glaucoma, as you have mentioned wheat consumption and the development of cataracts. There’s a difference. LOL. Davis calls wheat the “world’s most destructive dietary ingredient.” His attack on the grain that accounts for one-fifth of the world’s food was followed late last year by Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs and Sugar—Your Brain’s Silent Killers, a book by neurologist David Perlmutter that hit the best-seller lists. It”s likely something wrong with your pancreatic function. Best of luck…. Because of her in-depth takedown of the China Study. Hope this helps, Diane. In 2009, Tufts researchers found that women on an Atkins-style, low-carb diet suffered a gradual decrease in memory performance. I do not take calcium supplements and just had my annual physical. In my opinion, there are three main reasons: I heard something recently that goes like this: “If it’s advertised on TV, it is not good for you.” I feel that this is completely true. Thanks so much for an excellent book. That’s great, Brian! I just wanted to let you know that I had a chat with my doctor today and I brought your name up. In 2004 I went on Atkins and then gradually started to carb up again. But nutrition experts, the American Heart Association and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans all recommend regular consumption of whole grains, including whole wheat. Food companies are selling off their struggling bread divisions, while wheat sales are plummeting across Canada. Good luck! NOW I understand why thanks to you. There is so much written by the vegetarian crowd about how you need carbs to prevent “bonking” during extreme exercise that it is good to hear your results on fat and protein.

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