Freemasons draw significance and symbolism from it as today, it represents God’s continued forgiveness of their transgressions. From them too, also issued many fraternities and orders, such for instance, as the great orders of Chivalry and of the Rosicrucians, and the school of spiritual alchemy. You are born to lead in a sense and the way that you approach the world makes it so that you can create a perfect place for you to thrive. Secondly, it’s a tool used to break off the rough edges of a stone. We’ve taken 15 of the most common Masonic symbols and explained them here. Over the old temples of the Mysteries was written the injunction “Man, know thyself, and thou shalt know the universe and God.” Happy then is the Mason who has so far purified and developed his own nature as to realize in its fulness the meaning of the “sacred symbol” of the second degree, and found God present not outside but within himself. corner. Allied with no external religious system itself, Masonry is yet a synthesis, a concordat, for men of every race, of every creed, of every sect, and its foundation principles being common to them all, admit of no variation. In some Masonic Lodges the candidate makes his first entrance to the Lodge room amid the clash of swords and the sounds of strife, to intimate to him that he is leaving the confusion and jarring of the religious sects of the exterior world, and is passing into a Temple wherein the Brethren dwell together in unity of thought in regard to the basal truths of life, truths which can permit of no difference or schism. We are told seven or more years was the normal period, though less sufficed in worthy cases. By their help, too, he will perceive that he himself, his body and his soul, are “holy ground,” upon which he should build the altar of his own spiritual life, an altar which he should suffer no “iron tool,” no debasing habit of thought or conduct, to defile. The Meaning Behind 15 Common Masonic Symbols. In symbolical language, the N. always signifies the place of imperfection and un-development; in olden times the bodies of suicides, reprobates and unbaptized children were always buried in the north or sunless side of a churchyard. What the doctrine was, and still is, we will consider presently so far as we are able to speak of it, and so far a Masonry gives expression to it. The Ark of the Covenant can be found in the Bible as God’s promise to David. These are spiritual quests. Subscribe Now to Watch me when I am next online. I cannot too strongly impress upon you, Brethren, the fact that, throughout our rituals and our lectures, the references made to the Lodge are not to the building in which we meet. It's stated that numbers hold the key to our inner most personality. By the assistance of these lesser lights within us, a man is enabled to perceive what is, again symbolically, called the “form of the Lodge,” i.e. That building itself is intended to be but a symbol, a veil of allegory concealing something else. What is that which is lacking to us? As every Christian is taught that in his own life he must imitate the life and death of Christ, so every Mason is “made to represent one of the brightest characters recorded in our annals”; but as the annals of Masonry are contained in the volume of the Sacred Law and not elsewhere, it is easy to see who the character is who is alluded to. The deeper secrets in Masonry, like the deeper secrets of life, are heavily veiled; are closely hidden. Much of what concerns you in this life is the ability to make money and learning how to have more power in your career. It is not in itself a religion; but rather a dramatized and intensified form of religious processes inculcated by every religious system in the world. I am acquainted, for instance, with an Egyptian ceremonial system, some 5,000 years old, which taught precisely the same things as Masonry does, but in the terms of shipbuilding instead of in the terms of architecture. Others still devise that the letter G in ancient Hebrew had a numerical value of 3, which is highly referenced throughout history when talking about God. The Hebrew people used to mark their graves with a sprig of Acacia for this very reason.Aligning with the Masonry belief in the afterlife, the Acacia Tree represents their enduring, immortal souls. Some believe that there is a deeper, more complex meaning behind it, but generally, this is the idea represented wherever The Beehive is present. the death to which Masonry alludes, using the analogy of bodily death and under the veil of a reference to it, is that death-in-life to a man’s own lower self which St. Paul referred to when he protested “I die daily”. Hence every Candidate upon admission finds himself, in a state of darkness, in the West of the Lodge. You care greatly about the status that you have and the general way that others see you, you work hard enough that you desire to be recognized for your achievements therefore the attainment of awards make you feel the best and most efficient in life. This, our body of mortality, this veil of flesh and blood clothing the inner soul of us, this is the real “badge of innocence,” the common “bond of friendship,” with which the Great Architect has been pleased to invest us all this, the human body, is the badge which is “older and nobler than that of any other Order in existence”: and though it be but a body of humiliation compared with that body of incorruption which is the promised inheritance of him who endures to the end, let us never forget that if we never do anything to disgrace the badge of flesh with which God has endowed each of us, that badge will never disgrace us. But a far deeper meaning is intended. He has been “sown a corruptible body”; and in virtue of the self-discipline and self-development he has undergone, there has been raised in him “an incorruptible body,” and death has been swallowed up in the victory he has attained over himself.

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