But it also vapourises into the atmosphere at the same time, so you will still get relatively little through the skin. Self-Sufficiency Is The Key To Empowerment And Freedom. Someone has calculated how to get the same effect as taking an aspirin tablet by using a medical patch. e-mail service from the Second Opinion health More specifically, benzene can form when sodium benzoate is exposed to ascorbic acid, more commonly known as vitamin C. This combination can be found in certain diet soft drinks, and while many companies have stopped Last week, I told you about a wonderful beverage (green tea) you can drink instead of water . Robert Jay Rowen, MD In case you were wondering the burning of wood contributes to no more than 2% of the total. newsletter written by Robert J. Rowen, MD. ( Log Out /  I will certainly not repurchase this scrub again, but it was so expensive that I think I will use it up until it’s finished. Thanks Julia, Thanks for the heads up Julia and great to hear that your safety assessor is onto it , I need this book because lam research at reaction of vitamin c with sodium benzoate to form benzene cancer. Due to our anti-spamming policy the comments you are posting will show up online within few hours from the posting time. Basically that means that more than >=99.83% of the benzene you put onto the skin fails to make it into the body. Learn how your comment data is processed. September 11, 2015 tags: Amanda Foxon-Hill , Ascorbic Acid , beauty , benzene , chemistry , cosmetic chemist , Cosmetic Science , Realize Beauty , science , sodium benzoate Now that may be because I haven’t looked hard enough and so once I’ve published this, got on with my other work then had a cuppa I’ll resume my search. ( Log Out /  I shall use that Vitamin C Serum that I bought now. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Here is some data from Lubrizol on their carbomers. So no, I wouldn’t make such a sweeping statement. We already know it reacts with healthy substances like vitamin C. There is a solution. And we were to slather it onto our faces once a day we might end up absorbing 0.134 parts per billion of the applied dose. The cause of this benzene wasn’t too hard to pin point. After I finish this “hazardous” scrub (I won’t throw it away just because it cost me a lot, where I live these things are twice more expensive) I have I’m going to create my own one, using only things I know well: coconut oil+sugar+honey, or coconut oil+ground coffee, things like that. So should you avoid cosmetic products that contain vitamin C and Sodium Benzoate? - PPM On Fluoride We already know it reacts with healthy substances like vitamin C. There is a solution. Thanks Colin for answering my question – much appreciated! The Environmental Protection Shocking!!! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. When vitamin C in your drink can cause cancer. In most cosmetic products the conditions would be even less favourable. So either there is another factor that is needed to promote the reaction that we haven’t identified yet, or the benzene was actually coming from some other source altogether. So even though the chances of forming benzene are low with billions of molecules around some of them manage to react even though the conditions for the reaction are not very favourable. Relatively good news but is it good enough? Now whether that reaction would be far-reaching enough to leave the product effectively preservative less (Sodium Benzoate is used as a cosmetic preservative) meaning that it would fail micro testing and not make it to market or through stability is up for debate. If you want to avoid sodium benzoate, read labels carefully. This is an interesting one. A must read as it goes to the heart of the matter regarding the well established toxicity of fluoride which is well in all scientific circles even before water... [read more] And you'll also find the same problem with naturally occurring vitamin C in many canned juice drinks. Well, the temptation is to say ‘yes’ just in case there is a problem but we must remember that we are talking here about Sodium Benzoate and Ascorbic Acid. Further more this reaction is catalysed by free radicals, ascorbic acid is an antioxidant that scavenge free radicals but it is also not very stable its self and can actually release free radicals too. Vitamin C comes in many shapes and sizes in a cosmetic formula and in terms of reactivity ascorbic acid is way more volatile than some of the other commonly used types. - More Complex than It Seems. The fact that both sodium benzoate and Ascorbic Acid are both generally present in much higher concentrations in a cosmetic than a beverage is relevant as rather than make the product more likely to be benzene-rich the extra material might well shield the reaction and make the formula altogether more stable. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Is it really true that Hyaluronic Acid holds 1000 times its weight in water. As usual the FDA re-opens probe into benzene contamination of soft drinks after the fact! A bottle of intrigue – John Strange Winter Hair Food. The trouble with molecules is they are very small and there are lots of them. If it enters, either through absorbtion or ingestion the potential danger remains the same”, and I freaked out again. So the above highlights the fact that thanks to modern living the carcinogen Benzene is in our food, water and air and while this realisation isn’t all happy, happy, joy, joy at least we can rest assured that big brother is watching out for YOU when it comes to your general exposure. I doubt these would contribute to free benzene in a formula as the benzene is far too busy and cozy in its molecular home,  but I am potentially concerned about ingredients like Arbutin / Hydroquinone which have a much freer structure and are more prone to oxidation. The story about benzoic acid being converted into benzene was one that started in the soft drinks industry. It's a common preservative you'll find in many processed foods. This alert clearly demonstrates how chemicals in processed foods, while considered safe on their own can create havoc when mixed with even safe nutrients like Vitamin C. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. While a bit technical it is short and easy to grasp. Look for the words “benzoic acid,” “benzene,” “sodium benzoate,” or “benzoate,” especially if you also see “citric acid,” “ascorbic acid,” or “vitamin C.” Sodium benzoate is Il Giorno Fuori dal Tempo, Il significato energetico del 25 luglio, Rinaldo Lampis: L'uso Cosciente delle Energie, Attivazione nei Colli Euganei (PD) della Piramide di Luce, Contatti con gli Abitanti Invisibili della Natura, Cycles of Communication and Collaboration. February 06, 2012 - Chris Gupta, Democracy At Work? Hi, I have read that when sodium benzoate and vitamin c combine they can cause carcinogens. But what about benzene that is CREATED in a consumer product? He blatantly violated his "duty to public welfare" as... [read more] But aside from all that, scrubs don’t need to be expensive so why not look for a better one anyway. ( Log Out /  I’ve been looking for a good Vitamin C serum for a while now but most of the ones I encounter contain Sodium Benzoate. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have written a blog post on it http://colinsbeautypages.co.uk/benzene/. Water, being the largest percentage input of a soft drink and most likely to contribute to benzene levels WAS and still IS regulated  – 5 ppb max – and so it was with some surprise when reports came back showing drinks with over 70 ppb benzene present!!!!!!! Testing in 1990 first revealed that some diet soft drinks may contain benzene. I guess you can never be too safe but like you said there are plenty other things in life that can cause cancer. Thanks for your comment Pia. That is if there actually is any in there in the first place – as I pointed out even in the soft drinks it seems that something else is necessary for the benzene to form. It so happens that benzene is one of the few chemicals that can penetrate the skin without being blocked. You would need to cover two thirds of your body. Re: Dispelling the Night-Time Frequent Urination, Build a Low cost & simple Magnetic Pulser, Bono and Bush Party without Koch: AIDS Industry Makes a Mockery of Medical Science, Profit as Usual and to Hell with the Risks: Media Urge that Young Girls Receive Mandatory Cervical Cancer Vaccine, Multiple sclerosis is Lyme disease: Anatomy of a cover-up, Inclined Bed Therapy: Tilt your bed for healthful sleep, Let Us Please Frame Collective Intelligence As Big As It Is, Reflections on the evolution of choice and collective intelligence, Whole System Learning and Evolution -- and the New Journalism, Protect Sources or Not? Thank you so much for answering this fast. I’m using this body scrub which contains sodium benzoate and ascorbic acid (Honey & Shea body scrub by Burt’s Bees), and suddenly I found out what happens when they are together (benzene!) I have just bought soluble Vit. Now before we get all flustered I have to say that further reading (and it always helps to do some further reading) showed up some potential issues with the original data in as much as the method used for preparing samples for analysis was potentially elevating benzene levels in the test samples. It is ubiquitous (found everywhere) in the air thanks to pollution caused from the burning of fossil fuels, wood smoke,  various manufacturing processes, car exhausts and cigarette smoke. And some chemicals, such as aspartame, can damage your neurons. Great Article, thanks. These levels are kept to a minimum but it is worth considering when, as a formulator you are assessing the potential risks posed by any oxidative stability of your product. Unfortunately, many people drink soft drinks instead of water. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. All processed foods have chemicals in them for preservation. http://www.foodsmart.govt.nz/whats-in-our-food/chemicals-nutrients-additives-toxins/specific-chemicals/benzene/, More: And no one is talking about how it reacts with other carcinogens in your body, which could be a serious problem. But now there's an even bigger reason to avoid soft drinks. Vitamin C + Sodium Benzoate = Benzene - A Proven Carcinogen! What the text books also reveal is the optimum conditions for the reaction to occur. While a bit technical it is short and easy to grasp. It turns the mixture into benzene. This isn’t a new issue and many people have blogged about this before even so I haven’t yet found any papers relating specifically to the formation of benzene in-situ in a cosmetic product. Be sure to consult your health practitioner of choice prior to any specific use of any of the non drug device or food based medicinal products referenced herein. Then there are ingredients like some carbomer grades which use benzene as their polymer catalyst and as such may have traces of free benzene left. One would have to run tests to find out. And no one is talking about how it reacts with other carcinogens in your body, which could be a serious problem. This alert clearly demonstrates how chemicals in processed foods, while considered safe on their own can create havoc when mixed with even safe nutrients like Vitamin C. "Action to take: This is not a small thing, although the so-called experts will try to tell you that there's no harm at these benzene levels.

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