The third factor, relationship of subordination, shows more differentiation between being self-employed and being an employee. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. That buy-in may increase employee productivity and encourage them to produce higher quality work. Step 1. That means if you suddenly get busy in a certain area, you have the staff on hand to fill in as needed. In the short term, it is generally more cost-efficient to hire a temp. No matter what relationship you choose, documenting the salary and expenses related to the worker is an important part of keeping your finances under control. Sense of familiarity. For example, Truss started as 3 people-consisting of 1 business person and 2 engineers. Mature workers have the proven experience to guide them in a workplace. The app also helps you know how much to pay them. You need to calculate the deductions for each pay period, so your payroll processing may take longer when you keep employees on staff. Companies should select the right individual who can prove to be a truly valuable asset to the firm. These are very distinct choices, and both have their own advantages and potential challenges. As a start-up, you need to beware of the fake profiles and weigh various factors before outsourcing your work. The pros and cons of employee surveys show that when the negatives can be managed properly, the positives can create the foundation for change that may be needed. 5.6 million customers use QuickBooks. If you want to outsource multiple duties, that often means using different freelancers who each specialize in a particular area. You don’t have to pay severance. But if you have specific processes you want your workers to follow or you don’t want the work passed on to someone else, working with an independent contractor may not be the best fit. One of the biggest advantages of hiring mature workers is that as compared to younger workers, they do not require as much training which in turn can save the company’s resources. For jobs that are expected to last six months or longer, it may pay to hire a full-time employee. The answers to those questions help classify the person doing the work. The purpose for which you are hiring plays a significant role. These decisions carry a huge impact on your quality of work, costs and client satisfaction. Independent contractors often feel comfortable working on their own, and they have the expertise to handle the work. Terms and conditions, features, Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Eileen Burton. When a more experienced or mature person joins any organization, they aren’t required to be trained from scratch and should already know how to do what is expected. You Can Still Lower Your 2014 Tax Bill. Sometimes, the two types of workers seem similar, which is why the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) breaks it down into greater detail with a two-step process. Ask questions regarding specific factors. This is one of the greatest advantages to hiring a mature person since they will definitely have enough past experience as well as the exposure to how things work in the workplace which is not the case when you hire a fresh grad for example. You’ll need to assess your own business to determine what is best for you. Here are a list of pros and cons to help you make the right decision. Ask the intention of the arrangement when the two parties enter it. (No, It's Not Only the Salary), The 10 Unique Soft Skills Employers Desire in New Hires, Steps On How To Accelerate Virtual Hiring And Employee Development Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak. Is your latest hire your employee or an independent contractor who qualifies as being self-employed? Cons of Hiring Employees. You also save money in a few different ways beyond cutting your workload. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Zippia, Inc. 7 Tips For Building a Winning Marketing Team, Your 6 Step Checklist to Crafting the Perfect Job Description, How To Help Your Employees Get Better Sleep (And Why It Matters), Heads Up, U.S. Self-employed individuals also pay CPP contributions themselves. Calculate payroll deductions for EI premiums, CPP contributions, and income taxes. When you need help in your small business, it’s important to compare the differences between hiring your own employee and entering a business relationship with someone who is self-employed. For the first step, you must decide if it’s a contract of service as in an employer-employee relationship, or a contract for services that indicates a business relationship between your company and a self-employed individual. Mature workers are typically less interested in petty workplace politics. “Hiring a freelancer on LinkedIn and various job portals is quick, time-saving and relatively easier than hiring and training permanent employees. Because an independent contractor or freelancer is considered self-employed, you simply pay the agreed-upon rate without taking out income taxes on behalf of the person. Even better, the app integrates into QuickBooks to automatically transfer the data to your accounting software. While a more mature person should be more confident about their work and will hopefully make fewer mistakes even in more complex tasks. The experience and autonomy of the independent contractor. Even if the hourly rate is lower, you may end up paying an employee for more hours, which adds up to more overall. Hiring an employee comes with certain record and document requirements that you should be aware of. Mature employees tend to be more rigid and less flexible. Rather, it is the attribute of the younger grain of workers who tend to easily get along with their team in the quest of learning new things. Greater loyalty. Here are some to consider: Having a dedicated staff can be a good thing, but it also comes with some potential drawbacks to consider. This is why when it comes to hiring for managerial positions in particular, the majority of organizations prefer hiring older people. Employees also have the potential to advance within your company, which can serve as a motivator for them to work hard. Self-employed individuals have more control over how they do work and even whether or not they accept work from you. Clear classification helps you understand the expectations you can set for someone who completes work for your company. If you choose a professional, well-qualified person for the job, they should come to you with the necessary skill set to perform the job from day one. Part of that can come from people who have been at big companies exclusively and have seen consultants act as mere staff augmentation (doing the same thing as others at the company by just being an extra hand). When you hire an employee, your financial obligations may include: Employees also enjoy more protection from termination than an independent contractor. The cost of hiring temp workers is often cheaper than the cost of hiring permanent employees with benefits. Nov 11, 2015 Nov 13, 2015 by Brandon Gaille. They need to weigh both the pros and cons in order to arrive at a conclusion. You don’t need to assign a mentor to the person or have someone constantly supervising their work since they should have the skills to do the work independently. Nowadays, more and more companies are introducing new, cutting edge technology which a mature person may struggle to pick up. They are less able to adapt to new or changing environments. Younger workers have a tendency to be careless or irresponsible at times. When you enlist the services of an independent contractor, that person has more control over the work. Since you’re responsible for handling taxes, CPP contributions, and EI premiums, you’re investing more work hours into employees on an ongoing basis. We didn't have those things, and didn't know what we were missing out on until we got a consultant.”. The most important criterion should be the cost, expertise and flexibility and these will help you fight the battle of outsourcing vs. in-house staff. Obviously, contractors are a benefit in not having to commit yourself to long-term resources. When and How to File a Record of Employment, How to Calculate the True Cost of a New Employee, Self-Employed: How To Successfully Build Your Business, How to register as self-employed business owner, Understanding Canadian Self-Employment Tax Forms, A business relationship with you as the business owner/payer, More financial risk with the potential for a loss, Greater profit potential than an employee, More independence in their activities than an employee might have, Performs duties that aren’t as integral to the business, Choice in whether or not to accept work from you, Option to hire subcontractors to handle the work, Supplies and maintains their own equipment and tools, Ongoing operating expenses that aren’t reimbursed, Hired for a specific task or project rather than being on staff indefinitely with an ongoing relationship, Markets services and has the option to accept work from other companies, Subject to more control from you with less independence than a self-employed person might have, Handles work as assigned by you without being able to subcontract or refuse the work, Reimbursed for expenses associated with the job, Ongoing relationship and continual job duties rather than being tied just to one project and only for the duration of that project, Follows instructions from the payer on how the work gets done, the method used, and the results, as the payer is in control of those factors, Works based on the schedule created by the payer, Follows absence policies and uses leave based on the rules established by the payer, May face disciplinary actions created by the payer if the work doesn’t meet standards, Completes the work themselves instead of hiring subcontractors or assistants, Reports to the payer on various activities, May work remotely instead of at the company’s physical location, Has less continuity and subordination in the relationship. For example, if the intention is an employee-employer relationship but what’s happening actually aligns more with self-employment Canada, the province of Quebac may decide that the person is actually not your employee. You are in a fix whether to hire specialists for ad-hoc work or whether you want to build a full-time resilient team.

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