You might imagine our robot making these cuts efficiently, but it turned out to be quite a labor intensive project. Enjoy an enchanted evening under the stars. What people don't think about when considering a pergola is the appearance of the pergola at night. Purlin length is your width from center to center plus your left and right overhangs. All hardware, instructions, diagrams. Pre-cut and easy to assemble, everyone, big and small, will want to help. And it is a renewable resource. If a task can be done at the factory, it gets done at the factory. Unlike most of the pergolas on this list that are made … You can feel comfortable using this no dicker, always accurate pricing tool. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. © 2020 | 1-800-403-9259 | 8am - 8pm. With this in mind, please don't forget to send us pictures of where you want your pergola. The gussets attach to the beams in such a way as to provide stability and support, in effect narrowing the overall span. Both grades of lumber have the same quality and integrity. A lot of pieces are identical except for drilling. A perfect height is seven and a half to eight feet. We anticipated a gap between the ends of these two braces, so copper flashing seemed like a good solution. Just a personal choice. This causes two design concerns: The beam must be built in such a way that it can support the weight of the rafters and purlins without sagging. It’s easy to modify your pergola until it is exactly what you desire. We really like this product. Based on this visual, you may request changes. It means that you want a structure in your backyard that will bring value to your home, provide shade, additional beauty and give you years of enjoyment. These are what keep the pergola from blowing over. The easiest way to create an exceptional outdoor room for relaxation and entertaining. The shade is more than ample. Thank you Max! Another name for Craftsman style is Mission style which gained popularity in the 1920s. It gives the post some needed aesthetic weight to counter balance the top, similar to the leg of a Clydesdale horse. When we started building pergolas back in 2003, everyone wanted 4x4 posts. It has only a few small knots. The posts included will be the only posts that we have available. The ledger is notched to receive the rafters. Baldwin Pergolas is a full blown custom woodshop with modern machinery and skilled workers. Notice the man in the background: You can see that the scale of this job is just too tall. All of the pieces are numbered/lettered with small markings to help with installation. Main benefits of the Post and Beam Pergola: * Fully customizable to any size or shape, * Choose your options like brace style, beam size, boots, * Choose electric options like outlets and switches cut into the posts, * All intersections are notched for old world craftsmanship and joinery, * Choose any finish such as clear sealer, semi transparent or solid color stain, * This pergola can be Attached to your home. x 6 in. Fluting of posts is not a standard option, but we customize almost every pergola, so be sure to inquire if you are interested. Notice the two dark circles above the post? We do reserve the right to adjust prices due to lumber costs without notice. Our beams are capable of spanning twenty feet, from post center to post center without sagging. Think of it like a master link in a bicycle chain. The manufacturer will call to offer site preparation information and discuss delivery before shipping. We hand-select the finest Western red cedar boards for our pergolas. We include mahogany plugs to cap the screws. The Easy Shade has a main, central beam which wants to be centered and run perpendicular to the rafters. The typical overhang which is measured from the center of the post to the tip of the rafter is 24" inches or 2' feet. Uploaded the final pictures. However, I'm not entirely confident in the staining/sealing product because it seemed to easily wipe off when I was sliding the top rafters into place. This creates additional shade and beauty. Serenity Cedar Pergola Kit - wall mounted, Serenity Cedar Pergola Kit + Retractable Canopy. The beams (the Greeks called them entablatures) are always crowned to prevent sagging. We did add another touch up of stain on all boards and then coated with sealer. Our pergolas are available in standard sizes for ease of pricing, but we can custom tailor the size of your pergola down to the exact inch you require. Is the home large? Boots: This is a box of trim which gives aesthetic balance to the pergola and also conceals the post mounting bracket. Determine how much overhang you would like on each side. The system is designed in such a way that it cannot bind up. Measure. If you are within 300 miles, we offer you our in-house, white glove delivery service. All Rights Reserved. The house is a contemporary, so instead of a Victorian/Greek/Roman architecture, we felt it needed a more subtle cut and selected the Japanese cut which some people might call Scandinavian. Thank you for a job well done. Our competition has a commission only sales force which receives almost half of the money people pay for their structures. A pergolas job is to provide a feeling of protection when you are within it. Western Red Cedar is the most popular wood species in North America for outdoor shade structures, outdoor furniture, and natural wood shingles. Allow the stain to dry before applying a sealant. The height is foot and six inches to the bottom of the beam. Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to insect damage, decay and rot. Clear Western Red has tight, complex grain which glows with reflectivity. Ideal for placement in an outdoor setting. When the pergola kit is complete, we require final payment before shipping. Pier: This in a small stone wall on which a pergola can be mounted. Shade area: This is the overall size of your pergola which includes the overhangs, so it's basically your rafter length and your purlin length.

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