I have to admit that part of me feels just a little guilty for being able to produce such perfectly fitting dovetails so quickly with such little effort, but I’m sure that feeling will pass. If you’re going to invest in a jig, it makes sense to get one capable of creating all of the most common joints: through- and half-blind dovetails as well as box joints. I do have to do some tweaking to snug up the joints, but that's all covered in the instruction book as well as on the lables on the sides of the jig. I own the Omnijig 77240 and use it quite a bit. Two lock cams on the front and top of this model allow installing two wood pieces orthogonally. The PORTER-CABLE 4216 dovetail jig can be installed on any table by tightening four cam clamps. (This jig also sells in 18" and 24" versions.) Each tested jig requires a guide bushing mounted in the router’s subbase—or, in the case of the Leigh RTJ400, the router table—to steer the bit around the fingers on the templates (see photos below). We put seven such jigs through rigorous testing, and found good options in several price ranges. Overall, this is one of the better tools I've bought for the shop.

Buy optional templates ($40 each) to make through-dovetails of wider spacing, and an optional template-and-bits kit ($70) lets you make miniature through-dovetails. " to 1" spacing for half-blinds, and from 13⁄16 888-848-5175, portercable.com It’s also worth noting that the dust collection shroud is sold separately as well, and would be a good item to consider, as routing dovetails can be a messy operation.

A nice weight to it and the cams get a good grip on the wood. A quick joint primer The three most common joints made on a dovetail jig are routed on the workpiece ends of square or rectangular assemblies. Yes, it’s a sizable investment at $600, but if your budget allows, you won’t regret it.

This locking mechanism is controlled by a single lever clamp, making it easy to hold the work piece in place with one hand while quickly clamping into position with the other. It might seem like a small thing, but something I really appreciate as a companion to a system with this many variables. Once the system is set up, everything that one would normally need to reference from the manual can be found on either the setup guide or the tool itself. " for through-dovetails.

Making box joints requires an optional bearing-guided pattern bit—no guide bushing—but we can find easier ways to make box joints. Keep in mind that while PORTER-CABLE has an extensive history, it generally sits in the mid-tier market, but this dovetail jig …

The kit includes a template for half-blind, rabbeted half-blind and sliding dovetails and a template for through dovetails and box joints. Sorry, but I’m not certain what’s causing the problem. Dovetail joints date back at least to ancient Egypt. This also allows a user to build a project to a desired size without worrying about the dovetail pattern, compared to fixed dovetail jigs that require that a project be built to fit the pre-defined pattern. 800-279-4441, rockler.com Some jigs, such as the Porter-Cable (shown above), have onboard tips and gauges for quick setup of the bit and template. I have this jig and have had considerable trouble getting through dove tails cut in 1/2 in stock. I would sell it if you are still looking. The set includes a nice user manual as well as on board documentation and a handy reference guide. Capacity.
866-375-6287, Tags: Dovetail, omnijig, Porter Cable, porter cable 77240, porter cable omnijig, routed dovetail, router. I'm just a hobbiest but I don't see why you couldn't use this for full production use.

Bottom line: It’s hard to make a case for buying this jig. www.portercable.com

The jig also has stops you can set for bit height when you come back later and have to re-set up. This jig oozes quality and versatility, and with it you can make four types of joints right out of the box.
When milling dovetails on most jigs the router can tend to tip forward as it extends past the edge of the template, damaging the work piece. It has the same quality, owner’s manual, and support as the other Leigh jigs. I checked and I wish I could post a photo. Milling dovetails is an exercise in precision, and the heft of the Omnijig design adds great stability to the process. 8711) for making only half-blind dovetails ($60). Here is the information Porter-Cable 77240 Omnijig Joinery System – $699 http://www.portercable.com 866-375-6287. off square. I would suggest continuing to keep tabs on Craigslist and ebay, and hopefully you will snag one. " to 13⁄8 With patience and trial-and-error, you can make acceptable joints with this jig. Set the side stop against the board edge. Built-in clamps hold workpieces securely, and a backer board you provide prevents tear-out where the bit exits the wood. Make sure you clamp it to your bench though cause it will move around. The kit also includes an instructional DVD where Norm Abram walks through setting up and using the jig for various common applications which I found to be extremely helpful. The Leigh RTJ400 works on a router table to cut all joints. Also, they recommened you use widths that are X 1/4" (1 1/4", 2 1/4" etc.). The Porter Cable Dovetail Jig system includes an adjustable finger template that can produce either through dovetails or half-blind dovetails using multiple passes.

Spacing of the template fingers plays a key role in determining the width of your workpieces. will this work on my base 7.5" base. Other brands with identical geometry should work, but you risk slightly imperfect joints.

" or 8mm shanks; 1⁄4 (including necessary optional accessories) For $275, the Leigh Super 12 offers much of the D4R’s versatility and quality. In fact, the CMT 300 ($130) does not include any bits, so you’ll need to buy $185 of accessories to create all three joints. Bottom line: It’s the lowest-priced jig with variable spacing, and well worth the investment. When installing crown molding, I find it difficult to measure accurately between the corners of a... read more, We test seven router-ready models capable of creating through-dovetails, half-blinds, and box joints. CMT’s guide bushing must be attached with screws, so it won’t fit many routers. Setup Guide. Replacements for unusual-dimension bits will prove difficult to find from sources other than the manufacturer. The on-board router bit depth gauges are brilliant. I have a porter cable 7619 router. All Rights Reserved. Substantial. If anyone has gotten this jig to work with through dove tails in 1/2 inch stock I would welcome any advice. Enter in your email and password to create a FREE account, Woodworking Blog Posts, Articles & Videos to Build Your Skills. Although it lacks the variable spacing of the other Leigh jigs, it’s easy to use and creates perfect joints. Leigh’s owner’s manual superbly walks you through each step, and its online videos provide valuable backup if needed. My first attempt produced a fit that was a tad too loose. High quality. Once I ripped down to 3 1/4", much more better results. Dovetail joints look best with symmetrical pins and tails and a half-pin on each end. I searched the internet and finally found a 10 year old post saying to check the squareness of the offset guides because his was off when it was brand new. July 10, 2013 By Paul Mayer & filed under Buying Advice, Product Review. It's one of only two jigs we tested that will machine stock up to 1" thick. You can cut them by hand, but for reliability and quick repeatability, you just can’t beat a good router-assisted jig.

I have looking for over a year. "-shank bits tended to vibrate and chatter more. How can this continue to be an issue after 10 years?? After you purchase the necessary router bits, templates, and guide-bushing subbase, this jig helps you make perfect-fitting joints. For example, the three sub-$200 jigs require purchasing at least one additional router bit to make the three joints. For more related content, subscribe to our newsletter! On-board instructions. Because each jig is designed to work with specific geometries of dovetail joints, it’s best to use bits recommended by the jig’s manufacturer.

The Leigh RTJ400’s quick-reference strips, that slide into the top bar, help guide you in cutting each joint. The jig has instructions on it so you don't need to have the manual handy. Within just a couple hours of removing the Omnijg from its package I was creating dovetails that far exceeded the quality of any that I have ever produced with my hand cutting efforts, which met my expectations for this tool. One of the hassles of using a typical dovetail jig can be getting the router bit set to the correct depth of cut.

Additional templates are sold separately that provide the ability to create half blind dovetails in a single pass, box joints, miniature dovetails or sliding dovetails. The system is high quality throughout, and I have no complaints about either the design or construction of the unit. Essentially the core kit includes everything necessary to produce through dovetails in ¾” material. It also comes with a straight bit to do finger joints. Tried half-blinds with the through DT template. The three most common joints made on a dovetail jig are routed on the workpiece ends of square or rectangular assemblies. 800-663-8932, leighjigs.com 800-533-9298, mlcswoodworking.com I don’t recall ever seeing a tool that was as “self referencing” as this one.

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