Bistro Bar and XBar, is the coolest way to pour a perfect draft beer anywhere the road may take you. The Heineken DraughtKegs need to be inserted and attached to the tap system.Â. Show us your portable travel kegerator/cooler. Solid enough to withstand challenges of crowded bars and restaurants, it measures only 25 inches in width and 39 inches in height. D. Portable 5gal Corny Cooler. If you go this route, make sure you check the manufacturer date. As you get all the necessary utensils like the gas regulator and the single tap faucet, you won’t regret spending your money. You will also need gas line (you can go to any brewing website and search for gas line, or search for "beer gas line" on ebay. Again, you can purchase replacement lids for the cooler, so you can do both, if you like. True’s portable kegerator is powered by a hydrocarbon cooling system that is ozone-friendly. Warm water and a few minutes, that’s all it takes. If you entertain a lot, go to a bunch of parties, and/or have a vehicle large enough to haul it then that's great. Super Cooler . If you are running a 3 gallon keg (or multiple), that are within the cooler and you don't want to have to open the cooler to spray some co2 into the take, this is an option. Sitemap. Requires electricity. The portable beer dispenser the coolest beer gadget that allows you to carry the beer anywhere you go. Use a coil cooler to chill the beer. You need to pick either Ball or Pin and that will decide on the type of keg you have. "Stainless Steel Worm Gear Hose Clamps". If you go this route you will need faucet shanks long enough to get through the installation and those shanks will need with tail pieces to allow you to plug a beer line (1/4" or 3/16" line) into. It can even fit a growler with up to 64 oz. I originally built the garbage can model but decided it was too heavy to be practical for me. With its 39.25 inches height and 205.0 pounds weight, it can hold up to a ½ barrel keg. Czech Pils Primary at 62 degrees. Micro Matic sells a variety of keg beer dispensers on wheels, ready to roll out and follow the party! The kegs are under pressure that is self-regulating to prevent too much foam when the beer is poured into a glass. Subscribe and save. You and your beer-loving friends can visit your favorite brewery with your kegerators and get them filled with the finest craft.Â. Geared towards the consumer, tailgating, bars and event markets, the XBar will change how people think of dispensing beverages. Your man cave doesn’t need to get crammed with empty beer bottles and cans when you’re having your friends over. Latest posts. As everything is nowadays easily obtainable online, purchasing on-the-go kegerators is a piece of cake. Our post about beer keg dispensers has everything you need to know about purchasing a perfect beer cooler for yourself. As the pressure in the keg is under control, the beer won’t oxidize and the unique Heineken aroma won’t be lost. Utilize a flash chiller for dispensing ice cold draft beer at special events, catering halls or when limited refrigeration is available. Co2 Tank. Powered by CO2 and a shiny draft tower, this mobile draft dispenser will keep your keg cold all weekend. However, if Heineken is your favorite amongst beer brands, the Heineken BeerTender B100 is a unique way to get the best of your Heineken Premium beer. Another great thing is the innovative foam blocker that can be inserted into the tap. The Fizzics Original cooler has a scratch-resistant exterior surface.

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