A week after abducted executive rescued, city has been rocked by abduction. Englewood Cliffs, NJ. I don’t no about yew, but it drives me sew crazy wen I read misspelled homophones. Thelma Alberts from Germany and Philippines on September 24, 2013: I have not heard of Oronyms before. Semantic orientation analysis of sentiment word is to determine its polarity and degree, including original orientation, dynamic orientation and modified orientation. 0251 -- attuned (adj.) You have taught me much in this post, Dr BJ. 9a. Swimming is not as easy as running. -- official agreement | to agree officially 0233 -- assertive (adj.) In particular, the long-distance topic information is continuously updated from the large-span historical words and dynamically incorporated in generating the topic mixtures through Bayesian learning. Oil offer sodden, caking offer carvers an sprinkling otter bet, disk hoard-hoarded woof lipped own pore Ladle Rat Rotten Hut an garbled erupt. He went around the lake in a motor boat. High, Martie. 0074 -- adamantine (adj.) [5] A person who studies toponymy is called toponymist. It is as easy to jog as exercise. adverb + past participle [example: brightly lit] (j). Scholars have found that toponyms provide valuable insight into the historical geography of a particular region. Two days after she got married, a 22-year old woman won the prestigious award. -- His confidence grew and grew. Bot/QA/IR; Knowledge graph/IE; Machine Learning for NLP; Machine Translation; NLP Applications; NLP for Social Network; NLP Fundamentals; Text Mining; Short Papers; Explainable AI Workshop; Student Workshop: Evaluation Workshop. -- with a leg on each side of sth 0241 -- astringent (adj.) We continue to extend the super function for the Chinese Japanese machine translation. ), acrimoniously (adv.) ), abruptness (n.) 0030 -- abscond (v.) -- to run away; to escape 0031 -- abseil (v.) -- to descend a steep cliff 0032 -- absolution (n.) -- forgiveness 0033 -- absolutism (n.) -- rule by dictator; autocracy || related word: absolutist (adj./n.) Hope your weekend was pleasant. While popular in recent English, such abbreviations have historical use in English as well as other languages. A. Morrison is 'Nose Tone Unturned.' -- He just smacked him with a ruler again and again and again. To lead ... not golf. 0136 -- amble (v.) -- to walk slowly 0137 -- ambrosia (n.) -- delicious thing to eat 0138 -- ambulatory (adj.) Afterwards, nominal phrases that included WNCD were gathered to extract them as term candidates of the field. [40], Branch of onomastics, study of place names, This article is about the study of place names. [7], According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word toponymy first appeared in English in 1876. Since then, toponym has come to replace the term place-name in professional discourse among geographers. -- obvious; noticeable 0187 -- apparition (n.) -- spirit or ghost 0188 -- appease (v.) -- to calm down sb by accepting their demands || related word: appeasement (n.) 0189 -- append (v.) -- to add sth as an attachment || related word: appendage (n.) 0190 -- appetizing (adj.) Thank you for ever educating and amusing us!

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