A third pattern explaining how compliance to gender traditionalism in the interviews was the belief that men needed the priesthood more because men are naturally less spiritual than women, and the priesthood acts as a way to improve men’s spirituality. I would put forward that our main antagonist instead is Patriarchy, the exaltation of the stern, controlling father figure and male-centric hierarchical thinking. The analyses rely on high-quality panel data from a national sample, the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey. 2007. We then consider the question of why the single career women displayed high levels of compliance in the interviews. Religious leaders need to be part of a wide range of approaches to prevent this because, as we demonstrate here, beliefs about gender roles are deeply rooted in religious beliefs (Nason-Clark, 2004; Nason-Clark et al., 2017). 11/9 – Posted rewritten 9th chapter Everything we’re taught centers around family, even before our earthly birth, we’re taught we were a family. Ph.D. Thesis, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, USA. A variety of follow up and probing questions were used to determine: motivations and interpretations of decisions, life circumstances, their future plans, and feelings of satisfaction in their life situation. Mormon women find themselves in an institutional context where traditional gender expectations are considered “ideal”, and men are granted more institutional power and control. Another way that the participants in the study were able to achieve ideological compensation was through the Mormon belief of personal revelation. I don’t feel like, if the Lord wanted it any other way, that’s how he would have instituted it in the beginning. My statement is that male is not equal to female in the same sense that 2=2, in fact I am more and more starting to think that male and female are two different subspecies of homo sapiens sapiens and that is why the macho male is always complaining that he just can not understand women. To some degree, they suggest a ‘sectarianisation’ of Australian religion. Male may not be equal to female, but that’s all biology IMO, and the real deal is that all consciousnesses are unique so all need to be at the table to contribute their spark of divinity. 2015. They’ve been having these conversations,” Mejia said. 7/3 – Posted rewritten 27th chapter, finding a nice pacing to the piece and again some added character dialog and an additional provocative verse for “Marching to Pretoria” coming home from the village pub However, in these studies, religiosity was captured by a coarse ‘yes/no’ variable based on the importance of religion to one’s life. Gary Bouma is the UNESCO Chair in Intercultural and Interreligious Relations (Asia Pacific) and Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Monash University. 2017. Finally, this paper also utilizes the concept of subcultural resistance. More patriarchal attitudes have been observed among people with lower qualifications compared to those with higher qualifications, people with children relative to those without children, older people compared to younger people, and people from older cohorts compared to people from younger cohorts (Baxter et al., 2015; Perales et al., 2017, 2018; Van Egmond et al., 2010).

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