They hate Nigerians mainly because they were once send out of Nigeria, the Ghana-must-go stuff. They are envy on what we Nigerians can do perfectly without mistakes. Density. And do you quite remmember about the only black African country that produced a UN secretary general for the whole world?. Herald: B&P Associates signs first-time MoU with Oxford Business Group, Business Financial Times Online: COVID-19  accelerates health revolution, The Herald Ghana: Ghana Lifts Covid-19 Lockdown Amid Health Care Expansion Plans, MyJoyOnline: Ghana Year in review 2019 - Oxford Business Group perspective. The NPC has a strong advocacy role to promote the goals and objectives of the National Population Policy, the Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRS II) and the ICPD Programme of Action. We cannot be hypocritical. POST OFFICE BOX MB 666 We where sort of mockery and entertainment to them. After some belt tightening in response to a growing fiscal deficit, in 2017 Ghana saw almost twice the economic growth of 2016, according to the World Bank, with the robust expansion carrying through to 2018. Students and Young Professionals African Liberty Academy (SYPALA), South Africa has Grown more Anti-Immigrant Since 1994, Nigeria is Violating Constitution on the El-Zakzaky and Dasuki Cases. 7. Shagari’s policy strained relationships between the neighbors and it took years for mutual respect to be reinstalled. But deporting individuals from ECOWAS member states citing visa-overstay is against the bloc’s agreement. They use electric on our body, they take of our clothes and was hurting us with wire… I was full of blood all over my body. Diplomatic ties between both countries are strong, but it recently went sour with the news of inhumane treatment and, It will be disastrous if Nigeria were to, for instance, deport the over. They don’t help their people! They accuse Nigerians of crime and all evil things but the question is: “Is it not the mouse in the house the tells the others outside that there is food in the house?” On the issue of kidnapping,it’s the citizens of the host country that aids the kidnapping. with light we can come to Abdullah Aderemi Tijani is an African Liberty Writing Fellow and a Local Coordinator at Student For Liberty. The annoying thing is these Ghanaians think they can survive without Nigeria. Both countries share far too many things in common to treat each others’ citizens this way. Diplomatic ties between both countries are strong, but it recently went sour with the news of inhumane treatment and deportation of 723 Nigerians living in Ghana. Nigeria and Ghana are among the most culturally and economically integrated countries in West Africa. - Socialist Workers and Youth League, China is taking over Zambia’s National Assets, but the Nightmare is just getting Started for Africa, #AfricaLF17 Register to attend the 2017 Africa Liberty Forum in South Africa, 5 Reasons Why a United States of Africa may Fail. Ghana is a peaceful country and welcomes peaceful and responsible immigrants who will contribute to national development. I think the Ghana Immigration Service is doing a wonderful job by kicking out those irresponsible BROTHERS who will not find genuine jobs. Stay updated on how some of the world’s most promising markets are being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and what actions governments and private businesses are taking to mitigate challenges and ensure their long-term growth story continues. Initially we where afraid and thought they where arms men without know it was a federal security agent. Also, claims of torture and maltreatment of immigrants accused of cybercrimes and prostitution make it even more embarrassing for GIS. They said we should accept what ever accusation they lay on us through the media. All rights reserved. GIS keep sending them out their prisons and asylum need them, I actually have same experience in Ghana. They even mad comment to shoot anybody who stand up… Blagging Nigeria has no value for their citizen. Besides, Ghana is among the most respected African countries in terms of respect and preservation of human dignity. By the way if you talk of inferiority as a black man telling fellow black man about inferiority then are you aware of your population and the size of your country at all?. Executive Director(NPC) Dr Leticia Appiah Pays a courtesy call on the former President. They are willing to buy you a costly burial caskets, wear the most costly clothes to mourn your death than to help you when you are alive and need help the most. Are you clever enough to remmember the date you people had your independence as compared to ghana despite all your empty arrogant claims and your umnanaged population?. In 1969 during the administration of former Prime Minister, Koffi Busia, Ghana implemented its. They pay millions of dollars for degrees in Ghanian institutions and invest in well-performing businesses. Stay blessed. Let there be peace etween both countries. I say Retaliation is the best thing, let’s scrub them from Nigeria overnight and put this lot where they belong. at is why they were easily convinced by foreigners to kidnap people for money.. Register now and also receive a complimentary 2-month licence to the OBG Research Terminal. If you overstay then you have broken the law. Every crime done by a Ghanaian is labeled on Nigerians. Is there something I am not understanding? Ghana’s policy Is becoming very questionable. Blaming Ghanaians for stealing Nigerian jobs was easy although senseless. Thank you. However, it faces the challenge of ensuring the widest benefit from that expansion, given its growing and increasingly urbanised population. It’s not easy for a foreigner to kidnap somebody without the help of the Ghanaians. Thank u for ur contribution, However, it faces the challenge of ensuring the widest benefit from that expansion, given its growing and increasingly urbanised population. They are among the many categories of immigrants that. It’s shows that the Ghanaians also have corruption in their DNA and th They us rod to hit our back and was climbing on our head one after the other. Not by disregarding Africa’s shared interests. The man shit in your living room, rape your women, rob your house and kill your people. They took our gold neck chains, our expensive bags and clothes and left us beaten taken to BNI prison. The writer should be reminded that the ecowas do not allow anybody to overstay the 90 days without staying permit. Because We Are More Brothers And Sisters Than Any Other Country. They where different countries their but our Nigeria women were forcefully used by those asshole officer like officer Raymond, officer Edmond, stupid man who can make love with anything under a woman two leg. Why officer Henry who bringing cigarettes to the prison and convert their to a busy ground. Thats why you’re always labeled as criminals and evil and dangerous wherever you go in this world. God says people without brain such as you should always pray for brain. Ghana is a fucking country! NATIONAL POPULATION COUNCIL We were forcefully given a book for statement to make us look guilty for something we where not. We spend four weeks to be treated of our injuries in BNI prison without calls or messages to anyone before we were taken to immigration prison. Nigeria Slams a 3-Year Jail Term on Plastic Sale. You want to infest Ghana with your crime and evil. Copyright © 2019 National Population Council. Look at how stupid you nigerians are. most of Ghana security officers are thiefs, cheap criminals who are unable to achieves a professionalism without hatred and betrayer. the jump through the house fence and started shooting gun like they are after something else. There are a lot of reasons. Required fields are marked *. That was history and they are trying to draft their own record for a payback as Nigeria-must-go. The National Population Council coordinates the implementation of the policy and programmes, fosters functional linkages and harmonises population issues among sectoral ministries.. Understanding and examining population dynamics and the linkages between population, reproductive health, human rights, gender equality and poverty, among other issues is central to, NPC Ghana CPD 50TH UN conference Presentation. Akufo-Addo Ghana [ June 22, 2020 ] Nigerian govt reacts to demolition of its High Commission in Ghana Ghana [ June 20, 2020 ] Armed men storm Nigerian High Commission, demolish block of apartments Ghana The NPC is the highest statutory body set up to advice Government on the population and related issues. Explore any of the chapters below to select an article. The Ghanaian Immigration Service (GIS) cited criminal offenses like cybercrime and prostitution and visa term violations as reasons for these deportations. Approximately 50% of Nigerians are urban dwellers, with the rate of urbanization being estimated at 4.3%. Everybody item was taken away for them. Because we will be able to do 90% or our business in Nigeria without going or coming down to Ghana or or nabouring country to do business. The NPC is a parastatal body located in the office of the President.

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