Hey I'm just heading to see the midwife today to get the mat b1 form and I'm also a band 5 staff nurse. Your career in nursing and midwifery could start at an Agenda for Change Band 2 as a clinical support worker (nursing) rising to nurse consultant at a Band 8a-c. If you’ve ever wondered how the NHS pay bands compare with one another, here is a brief guide to how your responsibilities will change, along with your pay. This article was originally published by NHS Careers. It can be used as a guide to the levels of pay, but please note that some job vacancies advertised in the NHS may carry very slightly different job titles to those provided here. This makes their net (take home) pay £1,596.88 a month. Job Title: Nurse Band 5 and Midwife Band 6. To gain this qualification people need to go to a University and gain the Registered Nurse Qualification and also hold a current professional registration. This NHS worker was either on original Agenda for Change spine points 18 or 19 on the 1st April or have at least 2 years experience as a Band 5. Im a band 5 staff nurse and work for the nhs - we get very good maternity pay. This is including smp. read less, From my experience of talking to nurses John, I don't think they can become something else - not tougher etc. Please flag if you think our product match is incorrect. Clinical support worker nursing higher level (mental health) - Band 3, Maternity care assistant - Band 4 I have the policy here in front of me xx. Band 5. Realistically, it is difficult to quantify the true value of that care and there is frequent debate on NHS nurse salaries and pay rises. Our policy says same as Oneday1, nothing about spreading it over longer than 9 months. The NHS Employers website (www.nhsemployers.org) also provides information about Agenda for Change. NHS pay scales information for nursing staff in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. At this level, it’s likely that highly specialised knowledge will be essential for securing a position – which will probably come from a Master’s degree. Nurse specialist (schools) - Band 6 Nursing health visitor specialist (community practice teacher) - Band 7, Midwife consultant - Band 8a-c Band 5 salaries and roles. This pay step will be removed in 2021/22. Surgical Nurse, Zara, offers her advice on how to plan for and pass your OCSEs, as well as how to calm your nerves and leave your exam feeling confident. 1.7% in 2020/21. Nurse community - Band 5 You are passing a message to a BabyCenter staff member. To Note: A person who has gone to the 2nd pay point of a Band 5 goes into the higher payment threshold for Pension contributions. A person on this salary would pay £174.66 a month of NI, £209.02 a month of pension and £199.36 a month Tax. The Department of Health website (www.dh.gov.uk) provides information about Agenda for Change.

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