It's not complicated: the keys to success in sales (EP 12), In this episode, Mariana talks about the anxiety, fear, and keys to success in sales. improving your website so you get more leads, building your audience, or writing better copy and run by an expert (or experts) who know the topic inside and out. Designed for people who want coaching with Dan, but either do not have the finances for his 1:1 coaching, or would prefer to have a group of like-minded peers to bounce ideas off as well. Just scroll down and watch videos directly from the mastermind group, and you can decide if it’s right for you…, “Coaching with Dan brought my confidence along heaps and helped me to feel much more comfortable in myself, which was exactly what I was looking for.” An Insurance Policy Your Income When you build out multiple streams of income if one of these income streams breaks or somehow decreases you can fall back on the others. One-to-one programmes aren’t usually focused on one specific area, they’re higher level, more strategic and aim to achieve significant long-term shifts in your business. The course will be preplanned and accessible via your laptop and/ or phone. How much will I pay for a one-to-one programme? Good masterminds have clear rules that have to be adhered to, setting the right tone for your time together. Some masterminds require commitment for a set period of time e.g. … Just take the action, take the step.” “It’s not about you anymore. Masterminds are great for business owners who have a solid strategy and they want a close-knit support network to cheer them on to the next level. One-to-one programmes are a package of coaching, consulting or mentoring calls spread out over 3 to 12 months. – Daniel Morgan, “Dan helped me work through so many different barriers, fears, doubts and uncertainties with various issues. You also get an easy and discrete way to speak to each other using Whatsapp or a secret Facebook group. The aim of this blog is to help you choose which option(s) would be best for you. To give you a better understanding of the many advantages, here are six key benefits of running an online mastermind group: For the full show notes go to In this episode, Stacy Moscotti and I talk about: • What she does and how she got started in entrepreneurship • What she wished she knew when she was still struggling • How being a mom has impacted her business and vice versa • What success means to her • Stacy’s tips for moms: how to work on their schedule How to connect with Stacy Moscotti: • • • • • Resources mentioned: • Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki • The Landmark Forum ( To make sure you never miss an episode,  Subscribe in iTunes >> Subscribe on Android >>, S2E08 How To Live An Unconventional Life With Jennifer Manyard, Today, we have Jennifer Maynard on the show. Deeper work needs one-to-one attention. Just be aware of what you’re buying. How much will I pay for an online course?, 11: How to Get Booked + Make Your First 10K Month with Pachi McLeod, Pachi McLeod is a business coach and strategist for coaches and service-based entrepreneurs. Online courses often have these features: If you can pinpoint a specific knowledge gap that’s holding your progress back, an online course is a great solution. That is exactly what Mariana helps her clients to do. The reason being is because you're now at that stage from transitioning from looking to learn from others and a coach to now looking for strategic partners. It’s not the job of the person running the group programme to check that you’ve got your house in order. It may not be perfect but you can tweak it later. Go here to see if private coaching is right for you. You can’t expect massive changes in your business, no matter what the testimonials say. This has been the best thing about being in my own group and having six other successful entrepreneurs that can have eyes on my business. An online course is a way of learning a new skill without having to leave your desk. Better to play the long game and foster genuine relationships. Read this blog for a summary of the different types of one-to-one expert. Regular masterclasses delivered by guest experts, A bank of tutorials and learning resources you can dip in to at your own pace, A directory so you can find service providers and suppliers among fellow members, A Facebook group or Slack group for support and networking. – Emma Jessop, “The quickest result was that I learned how to speak to others and say exactly what I need to say, no matter how uncomfortable, making me a lot more relaxed in conversations.” Someone might start off with you purchasing the course, the see your affiliate promotion and get that too because it will help them to do the thing your course taught. For full updates, highlights, and show notes go to: There are tonnes of options open to you. I really want to dive into this topic because I've recently had some time to settle into my own Mastermind as well as having created my Own Your Hustle Mastermind. As per the video above, this is a mastermind group that gets together every week to support each other with a wide range of self-development challenges, from relationships and dating to creativity, entrepreneurship, confidence building and more. Check out the full show notes here:   Private Coaching With Mariana Ready to increase your income and impact? Greater flexibility. Coaching is an in depth exploration of your motivations and objectives. If you’re ready to knuckle down and get serious with your business then you can’t beat a good one-to-one programme. There were times on the call with me she was in tears about taking such a big step. Whether it's finally making those cold calls or reaching your next income goal there are things to remember and practice to be successful in sales. It’s usually the most expensive option but will get you the best results because every call is focused on you. The OYH Mastermind, for example, is attracting those who are already earning up to $5k months and are already growing their business. It becomes the thing that we're drawing from. This is about scaling your business as opposed to Group Coaching which was about growing your business. Often additional materials are available to download e.g. That is exactly what Mariana helps her clients to do. There are some amazing bargains out there. You might be disappointed if what you’re expecting is a traditional mastermind (see below) but what you’re getting is effectively a course. You won’t get a huge transformation from an online course. Juggling #allthethings and how to avoid the overwhelm Connect with Gabrielle at Resources Mentioned: Increase your profits with Mariana's Time Management System. Get the full show notes at Here’s what we covered: How to name your business How to structure your programs and packages How to make difficult decisions in your business Pricing your programs and packages How to get the right price point for your business Resources mentioned: The Consistently Visible Solution Course ( Private Coaching With Mariana Ready to increase your income and impact? Remember: money is just a number • How to legally set up your business • How much you should spend on different areas of your business • How to change your relationship with money Resources mentioned: • Parent Entrepreneur Power Podcast Legal set up of your business • Money mindset help (my biz bestie) Keri Gavin • S1E1 You Have The Power To Create Success with Mary Kathryn Johnson ( • Entrepreneurial Moms Community (, S2E09 Time Management Secrets For Success With Stacy Moscotti, Stacy Moscotti is a Philly-based entrepreneur who teaches single moms how to be victorious badasses and reach extraordinary levels of passion, success, and happiness in all areas of their lives. Can have excellent ROI bearing in mind all of the above for such a low monthly cost. If you haven’t got your strategic direction clear in your business, or you’re trying to sell an offer that nobody wants, a group programme will not fix that for you. #SorryNotSorry. But, they're now in that next phase where they're ready to scale their business and invite more freedom and way more growth around diversification of their product. Think about your skill level for listening to your intuition about your own growth mindset and about what needs to happen for you to hit these big numbers. That is exactly what Mariana helps her clients to do. In this episode, we talk about: • What she does, how she got started in online business, and how her experience in corporate sales led her to jump into entrepreneurship • Effective communication and Gretchen’s other tips for sales • How being a mom has impacted her business and how big of a difference it makes from being unable to manage time under her own terms • What she wished she knew sooner in her business • Gretchen’s secret to staying on top of her game and why how you can easily incorporate it into your life • Her biggest struggle, how it affected her, how she overcame it, and how it made her grow • How to make selling fun and finding the right clients • Gretchen's piece of advice: get out of your own way and don't settle for someone else's version of success. It’s not the expert’s job to check this. Aegean and I talked about: • The inspiration behind her business and how motherhood propelled her into starting a business • How being a mom impacted her business and how she manages her time between family, business and taking care of herself • What success means to Aegean • How she learned to realize her true passion and started listening to herself. Some group programmes claim to achieve that for people, but I don’t see how they can be as effective as one-to-one attention. Check out other resources on the website:, 04 How to Use Pinterest For Business Growth with Elna Cain, Grab your decision matrix here: Elna Cain is known for growing her following using Pinterest. Download "The First 10 Steps to Starting Your Profitable Online Business" to save yourself  hours of wasted time and energy focusing on things that are not essential while doing the really important stuff that will grow your business. – Grant, Your email address will not be published. Stop making the excuses and just do something every day that is going to move your business forward. It's a real huge shift of uplevelling and support. Mastermind vs. Group Coaching.

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