These Mastermind agendas are designed to ensure that your meetings are structured, productive and focussed. If you are in different cities, the meeting can be conducted on a conference call. To keep your mastermind group as efficient as possible, build some structure into it with an agenda. napoleon hill T o help you make calls asking experts and others to join your mastermind group, start with a script that will help you stay focused and talk abou the benefits of the group. Having a stable, predictable mastermind group agenda creates trust and communication. Which Mastermind agenda you choose is nowhere near as important as ensuring that you do have some kind of agenda in place. One of the very first things they recommended was to join a mastermind group. When I became a member of Fizzle, an email was sent to me identifying things I could do to really benefit from the community. It doesn’t work unless there is a structure to follow. The framework ensures equal contribution and participation. Sample: Initial Mastermind Agenda Introduction of Group o Purpose o Meeting Frequency o Confidentiality Personal Introductions (Name, Company Name, firm affiliation, family, city of residence and non-business interest) Background (how did your career start, tenure in … I had soon created a group with six other people. Pick an agenda that best suits your group. Mastermind Recruitment Script A mastermind alliance is built of two or more minds working actively together in perfect harmony toward a common definite object. The MasterMind “No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, ... Have a preplanned agenda. Everyone’s time is valuable so keep the meetings on schedule and ensure the work is done (accountability). A Mastermind agenda is very important if you want to run a mastermind. I ended up creating a description of my own to find other members to work with. I really like how this meeting agenda template from Xtensio provides space for the meeting objective at the top, making it clear what the goal and direction of the meeting will be. Make certain you engage an excellent conference call This is especially important when you host your meetings. Want to spice up your mastermind group meeting agenda? I proceeded to the mastermind forum and trolled through descriptions of groups. Having never b… Without this a Mastermind group is nothing more than a talk fest or social event.

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