Sooooo, that led to monte cristo sandwiches that were truly mind blowing. I planned to make some this morning, and I dreamt about it for the whole night. Glad they came out well for you! Learn how your comment data is processed. They were really good! No leftovers here!!

Thank you for your honest review. Not crispy. But.

It is a non-absorbable carbohydrate. That is wonderful! They are perfect if your school has a nut-free policy. I made the recipe and waited with great anticipation while my waffles cooked. Oh my word Lisa, I absolutely love this.

I did on a mini waffle maker, and got 8 waffles. I'm afraid that would be another recipe entirely and further recipe testing and development. If you Love this Keto Egg and Cheese Chaffle Recipe, check out some of my other Keto Friendly Recipes Here: Tried this recipe? You have that backwards. Hello Kim! O.m.g. I'm betting they are even better with a topping. haha! Waffles, they are delicious.

With most of my recipes, I welcome "substitutions and creativity" but using the recipe as stated should always be your starting point.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I would love to know where I went wrong as mine did not turn out as described in others comments. These were so tasty!

We wanted them to resemble regular waffles, with all their flaky and crunchy goodness. I also added 10 drops of OOO flavors keto French toast. We combined two different kinds of cheese  - both cheddar and cream cheese - and added them to eggs and almond flour. Do thee waffles need to be sweetened?

I have come, I have seen, I am still waiting to find out ? We ate far too much and are now stuffed!!! Thanks for the recipe! As long as you stay within your own daily carb limit to maintain ketosis, yes, you can have them everyday.

If you make money off of helping others find great keto recipes, then it is very well deserved. I made these today and added 1 scoop of whey protein powder and added 1 extra tablespoon of cream. Ever is including wheat, buckwheat, buttermilk, you name it, these are THE BEST! I found the texture to be both fluffier, less grainy, and less "eggy" than other low carb recipes I've tried. Your email address will not be published. I even said to myself "If it looks like an egg, and smells like an egg, it might be because it contains 5 fluppin eggs! These were not eggy in our opinion. Easy and delicious! And here is what I keep in my pantry. A little. I also made pancakes with part of the batter and they were amazing as well. I've never measured them but I know the mixture makes 5 waffles. Am I the only one that just wants the recipe without a whole life story to go along with it???? Your email address will not be published.

It’s true what everyone is saying!! I have tried several pancakes & it just didn't work. I added 1 tsp cinnamon and reduced sweetener to 3 packets (3 tsp). We all have a completely different "sweet tooth" to one another depending on how long you have been sugar free. Coconut flour can be a problem on the IBS ( low fodmap diet). These are amazing .

Life altering different. That’s not the sort of thing that works for a waffle. I was hoping for something that tasted and felt like a blueberry pancake and that’s exactly what I got. Required fields are marked *. Hey Trisha! KETO, Low Carb Waffles that are extremely satisfying and delicious! Hi Libby, Flavor-wise, just too eggy. I really wish I’d discovered these sooner! I recently bought a mini waffle maker and I’ve been brainstorming all kinds of different waffles I can make; from savory to sweet all the way to pizza stuffed waffles! Can’t wait to try them! My husband likes the original recipe with fried eggs over the top. Just to be clear, these aren’t going to be ‘crispy‘ waffles, but rather ‘softer‘ waffles. OMG!!! Thank you, I haven't (I love my waffle maker) but some readers here have commented here and on Facebook they have and they flipped well. excited to freeze the rest and enjoy them for breakfast during the week! He even told people at work about them and has referred them to your site.

These were amazing!!
Thanks for the recipe!! I made these waffles yesterday and had them with slice strawberries and whipped cream. I followed the recipe to a T. Used whipping cream, Truvia & a little cream of tartar to help the egg whites. Another great keto breakfast or dessert. I will smile and giggle remembering it all day. My waffle maker is a lot smaller than that and makes 2 square waffles - I'm trying to figure out how many waffles the recipe might make with my smaller machine! CREAM CHEESE? Made with love! Can you help with that?

thank you. Can the coconut flour be substituted with almond flour? Beat together eggs and sweetener in a large bowl. It is soooo awesome! I was using my brand new waffle maker. I was just searching for information about this stuff and you popped up. Hello! The Egg and Cheese Waffle is the latest Craze in the Keto World for a Reason. Thank you for making a great recipe for a Keto waffle! On Keto, you’re supposed to get at least 70 percent of your calories from Fat, 15 to 25 percent from Protein, and 10 percent from Carbohydrates.

When I was a child, we always had waffles and pancakes from a recipe in a little cook book that was all recipes using apple cidar vinegar and baking soda. I ate mine with 2 strips of bacon and 1/2 cup raspberries with a little whipped cream at 7:30 am this morning. Thank you! The results were truly outstanding on the first try. This may be too much of a change but is there a way to make these paleo AIP friendly? I’m pretty sure it would work in a Belgain Waffle Iron, but our cream cheese dessert chaffles aren’t ‘crispy’, but rather ‘spongy’. And to be honest, making the switch to a keto/low carb diet has put a damper on this fun weekend ritual! I've ordered a non stick waffle maker just for this recipe! It makes for a lighter waffle. They were wonderful! My middle child says these are the best waffles ever and #3's face with the first bite was better than any words, which is great since he is my carb addict! Any tips to keep it from spilling out the sides? As for your other question, the recipe makes 2 servings/chaffles and the nutritional facts shown are PER serving/chaffle. Does that mean the recipe makes 2 waffles or does it mean a serving is 2 waffles? And the nutrition profile—one cup has 25 grams of protein and 10 grams of fat—is more than enough to keep you in a ketone-producing state, says nutritionist Vanessa Rissetto, R.D.

I used 7 packets of Sucralose and they were plenty sweet. I couldn't even force myself to eat one bite. Hello! Hi Libby - just made these and even though I wondered if it would taste eggy, it did turn out fab, and looked like the real thing when it came out of the waffle iron. If you like my recipes, share with friends! Yum! We loved these btw and these were our first Keto recipe. Absolutely wonderful change for breakfast. Then used sugar free syrup it was so yummy! Let batter sit for about 5 min. I used an electric sandwich maker bc my waffle maker is stupid. Found this gem while hunting for chaffle recipes and knew we had to try it. My 11 yr old makes them most Saturday before football and adds 2 tbsp cocoa to make them chocolate flavour. Would never have thought of that!! When cooked through they are the beautiful golden-brown you’d want in a pancake! Haha! I see lots of waffle recipes out there, but they are for belgian waffles, which are crunchier and more firm. Keto Cinnamon Rolls with Brown Butter Icing. How brilliant that you managed to make 12 mini-waffles and you even managed to freeze some leftovers! Do u freeze or put in fridge to use later on? As for making keto waffles into muffins? I LOVE waffles and never thought once my husband and I started on the Keto way of eating that I would be able to have them. A miracle!! . It would be worth your while to give it a try! The correct values are nutritional facts per chaffle is: ~75 kcal, ~2 net carbs, ~6g fat, ~2g protein. Yes, you can use some coconut cream, almond milk or any other liquid to thin the batter a little. Hey Andrea! Pour the batter into a greased waffle maker on high heat. Not only were they good; they were fantastic. We don't want to rely on sweet flavours too often. If you’re looking for crispy, this recipe would work better but it’s not sweet. Why not propose an alternative? Just made these and am blown away.

Next time will try a savoury version. Hi Libby, Mine are really limp and one even tore apart getting out of the iron. Drops mic. These were fabulous!! Pour the chaffle batter into 2 ungreased  waffle maker spots. Thank you!! I have updated that link. I had to substitute the coconut powder for almond powder; heavy whipping cream for the milk & used unsalted sweet cream butter. I love it when readers adapt my recipes and let me know their great tips. They didnt get crispy for me either but if I had the patience to put them in the toaster after I bet they would. I finally resorted to using silicon bakeware. During this time make sure your waffle iron is preheated and ready. Thanks! instead of full milk , can i use coconut or almond mild??? Psyllium will absorb some water and mixture becomes a little bit thicker. Hubby and I love these. I am truly impressed. A very healthy winner for the boy who eats like a sparrow They're going to be a Sunday staple in this house. I didn’t think anything would come close and this was it! 2. But glad it turned out well for you! Will be posting on the gram and tagging you! To give them a slightly more norwegian taste, i added a few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of cardamom. But we didn't want our keto chaffles to taste like fried eggs.

We also quite often make Pizza and Tuna Melt Chaffles too. The Egg and Cheese Waffle is the latest Craze in the Keto World for a Reason. If meal prepping, allow the cream cheese waffles to cool completely before packaging in an airtight container. I followed the recipe and made sure not to beat the air out of egg whites, Cook as long as you can in the waffle maker and then pop into the toaster . For anyone wanting to see what I post on Instagram - look here. The first batch did stick and I lost half the waffle, so we taste tested with the ripped up portion :). These are perfect! Determined to stay off sugar we made this recipe without the stevia initially to see how we would like it. I made half quantities to try them out and used 3 eggs - totally forgot the baking powder but with the extra egg didn't need it! Probably not as coconut flour and almond flour have different properties. Any advice? I also totally forgot to to separate the eggs. Chaffles are perfect for make ahead meal prep!

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