Aluminum Coping - Aluminum coping is surely superior to PVC coping products simply due to the durability and longevity of aluminum versus PVC. and probe with your finger to see if the gasket is seated properly before committing to cut out the center of the return. Since there is a waiting period from the time you measure the pool until the time you can install the new liner, potentially the air is readily accessing behind the liner here. installation. You will wrap duct tape around the end that you will be inserting behind the liner to blunt any sharp It is hard work - but if you have gorilla-strength hands and have tried boiling water over the liner and you still have no stretch to get it back into the track, then you might need a new liner. Be sure to take pictures of the disassembly of your stair gaskets and have a dry rag and permanent marker with you when it comes time sand floor as this will allow some additional traction. The back slope is the slope on the back wall of the pool deep end. I should mention that you should be kneeling on the pool deck, overhanging the edge of the pool – not in the pool. Most pool technicians do not have five helpers with them at all times, and so we use wooden clothes pegs to help wedge the liner into the coping track temporarily. This process is done with a sponge float, but can also be accomplished with any sponge or even a damp T-shirt. In this situation the liner will be pressed tight against the wall by thousands of pounds of water making it easy to locate the Make sure there is no sand from your pool floor over the top of your main drain. correct location for the faceplate when you are installing them over the liner. If you have a threaded eyeball be sure to coat the threads in a silicone based lubricant so you can get it undone at a future time. It is best to have a strong everything you can to avoid snapping off screw heads on the skimmer, main drain and return faceplates. from dangerous material like this. these screws to take the stairs apart. liner into the track. By using boiling water to heat the surrounding areas of liner directly before you stretch it up and into the coping track, you will find it is much easier to get the You must spray WD40 or penetrating oil into the screw holes for all the faceplates in the pool. Some liners are made by hand and others use computer controlled processes which require a series of input measurements to make the liner. What can we do so it doesn’t keep popping out? Unfold the liner and spread it along the pool floor. Once the pool is empty you will get a greater appreciation for how far a fall into equalizer line that may connect from your skimmer to the main drain. Again be positive that you have the right If the bottom piece is started and primed again since it will need to draw the weight of the water up from pool to get started. How to prepare in-wall step screws Many installers will lower the water level in the pool a foot or more in order to expose more vinyl above the waterline. The stairs easily could leak enough air so that the liner will not pull make sure that you do not overlook anything or put a screw through the liner in the wrong place. almost all vinyl liner pool installations. This can cause wrinkles on both sides of the pool starting at the shallow end break of the pool and slowly let the weight pull the tape to the bottom of the pool. The liner only stays warm for a few seconds so you need to work quickly. Use gentle heat. In the worst case, you will need a lot of heat, and you may need to lower the water level up to 2 feet, to be able to heat and stretch a larger area of the vinyl liner. to pull back into place. What can make a liner installation more complicated? If you have a coping which is older, and potentially weakening, then adding liner lock ahead of when it is needed will only serve to stretch out the coping more. You can now let the The liner will pull straight down on the bead and the coping will use friction and leverage to hold the liner in place. Of course, all of this assumes that there is not any actual physical damage to the liner or the coping. PVC Coping - PVC coping is priced lower than similar aluminum styles. extending the pole over the water while a second person stands by the diving board and takes measurements. a set of in wall stairs you will also cut around this area during the draining and liner removal stage and focus in on these areas after. The power source needs to be The head of the screwdriver will catch in the corresponding slot on the screw head and the liner your plumbing system to make sure that your pool will last as long as your new liner. To hang the liner in the track you will bend the bead of the liner ninety degrees and push the bead PVC is simply not as durable as aluminum, and if your PVC coping starts to stretch then there will be very little recourse available to you to stop your liner from slipping out of the track again and again. pool and any work that you should attend to before installing a new liner. like kidney shape look at the liner as it starts down the long slope as this will be the first place to form a large wrinkle if the liner needs to be shifted one way This one simple trick Once in the track you would use a A hole in the wrong spot right This small tip will Removing the liner from the coping track ground with a concrete rake before troweling. creates more potential for leaks than benefits in removing and replacing it. in-wall stairs all employ a two part gasket and flange system that pinches the liner and prevents water from escaping the pool. section of liner on both sides of the corner that leaves enough slack to install the corner as the last step of getting the liner completely in the track. Wrinkles on the floor of the shallow end must be removed by kicking the liner where it meets the walls. Great care must be used as any algae or slime This would typically be the top two screws on Once the liner is out of the box you can no longer jump in and out of the pool without sitting down Deep end pad - The floor of the deep end of the pool. Most importantly with sand bottom pools you should leave the liner in the pool as long as possible - hopefully even right up to the day before you want to hang the new So much so that it is very common for pools with a floating liner to experience large sections of the liner coming out of the track. It can be very effective, yet dangerous. direct the bead into its resting place in the coping easily with the other. You will then locate the screw on the opposite side of the main drain and repeat the process. off as your first step to avoid additional debris being knocked into the pool after you have cleaned If you have not replaced the coping and are using your existing coping it is recommended to install installing such as the returns and main drain. issues with your order. orient the liner a little more. the compression from water weight, but investigation will reveal that it is sand. Once filling the vacuum will continue to run until you have at least one foot of water in the shallow end before shutting it off. wall behind the liner. The liner will be forcefully pressed against the hose of the vacuum specifically the end of the There are a number of different ways to prepare the fittings in your pool. As i am feeling the pool ( AG oval 12 X 24 ) with water,part of the liner came off track. New skimmer gasket & faceplate Liner Lock stays soft and pliable for many years. Tack in the shallow end corners and walls of the liner to start with. process a lot easier once you get down to the deep end hopper. fills with water, and which must be attended to now to avoid having unsightly wrinkles in the final product. 2) Use Wedges To Hold The Liner In Place - Putting a liner pull back into the track is a lot like putting a garbage bag into a garbage can that is slightly too big for the bag. and will damage plastic components that are located at most skimmer, return and in wall stairs. Remember that you are measuring to the pool coping track, not the height of the pool deck when you are measuring overall depth Now that you have the liner back in the track, and before it pops out again, use something to wedge in between the liner bead and the top of the track. Energy Awareness Month – 7 Ways to Save Around the Pool, Has Fall Landed in your Pool? In order to identify how difficult your liner will be to install consider that a basic pool liner will be symmetrical in shape, one constant depth throughout, and have This will be the most difficult part of the new liner installation Extreme Leaf Removal. than enough information to render your pool shape with computer software. Only high quality stainless steel screws should be used for repairs like this - Jacuzzi screws make a Be sure to not leave any extra slack or liner here - it should be very tight over the suction hose. Storms and heavy rainfall can If you have in wall steps you want to leave two screws installed for each strip that makes up the flange for your stairs. At this point you have scraped the entire pool down by hand and taped all wall and coping seams Assuming you don't know how old the liner is, then try the boiling water trick to see if this will help you to get the liner back in the coping. 7) in-wall steps (deep end) For example if you have a small area of liner that is coming out of the track because the track is stretched out in that area, it would make sense to add liner lock in this area. You will continue to wiggle and apply pressure until the liner gives way and you are able to slowly back the screw out of the hole. If possible let the pool floor dry, after you have started the water. An HRV is a mechanical spring loaded valve that allows water to enter your pool through the It is worth noting however that there are a few different reasons why this would be happening to your liner, and this article will help you to determine exactly what kind of problem you are having with your liner and coping track, and how you can go about resolving the issue. When Finally, be sure to wet the area directly before applying new concrete patch to help the new concrete to bond to the old concrete. 1 can of WD-40 or penetrating oil Usually you will need to lower the water level only down to the bottom of the skimmer, but if you have a large section of several feet that has come out, or if you are working in the corner of the pool, you may find it necessary to lower the water even further. the cord end coiled up inside the light niche. A skilled liner installer will deal with this situation by using a specifically dull and blunt standard (flat head) screwdriver to force the liner past the bind. proceed with replacing the liner. If you want to continue learning about pools and spas from an industry expert follow swimming pool Steve on acebook , twitter and youtube or Most screws can be replaced if need be but they are stainless steel and a wall meets the floor to ensure that you have a level installation around the circumference of your The swimming pool liner you buy is strongly informed by the type of above ground pool you own. To an untrained eye it can even be very difficult to determine which direction the liner needs to rotate in. You need to identify how complicated your liner installation will be and weigh this versus your You can rivet patches into place and use construction grade adhesive to secure a maximum strength bond. gaskets under the liner could be a major cause for leak concern in the future you may want to silicone the gaskets into place and duct tape over top of them to hold On a warm sunny day you would benefit by letting the liner absorb some sun at this stage for ten minutes. pool with poly plastic to try to limit the water damage. where air could escape. grooming before hanging the liner. into place properly. Since shifting water level has risen and covered even the tip of tit. It could be the work of water gremlins, and no, I’m not talking about your kids. If you must, cut the rigid plastic end off of the vacuum hose, then wrap with duct tape to avoid sharp edges.

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