May 29, 2019 By Hitesh Bhasin Tagged With: Management articles. Following the Importance of Operations Management on a daily basis comes with the host of merits and benefits that help you accomplish your long term and short term business objectives with the aplomb of higher sales and elevated profits. An organisation will have a good reputation thanks to great product/service quality and customer satisfaction. These areas include capacity planning, supply chain management, and inventory amongst many. The revenue growth could help with the launch of new and innovative products/services or an increase in resources and technology. With online learning, there is no interruption to your workday and you’ll learn in an environment comfortable to you. Hence in this situation the IKEA doesn’t need to establish specialised machineries by paying high price as they know that the basic machineries will do the job for them. For Ikea to be successful it must make sure that it employs proper operations strategies at all stages of the operations process and that is the only way that the company can add value and make the business profitable. Along with quality management taking care of product quality, it will also ensure for customer needs to be met. With the proper management of the product manufacturing and operations, you will be able to increase the productivity levels that will further result in high-quality products. If this is so, what happens … AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW, PROJECT MANAGEMENT IN CONSTRUCTION: Everything You Need to Know, EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PROJECT MANAGEMENT, The 5 Women Who Can Transform Your Business, Take Action, Inspire Change. By figuring out the loopholes and obstacles that are hindering the quick manufacturing of the products, you are able to satisfy your customers with high-quality products and their quick delivery. Didn't find the paper that you were looking for? So even though prices can be compared in different market, the processes are completely different (Jayaraman & Srivastava, 2006). Different studies have been conducted in past suggesting that there is a positive relationship between operations management and sales of the company. It is important for the managers to formulate a timeline for the completion of the project so that the managers are able to complete the project within the given deadline and are able to make the project a success for the organization. This simultaneously leads to increased revenue. Teach others about the process: Teach others who may need to supply inputs or receive outputs about the process. Project management is a dynamic, exciting and lucrative career… but just how lucrative is it really? A useful software that many manufacturing operations are utilizing today is Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software. APS has become an extremely beneficial component to manufacturing operations that wish to take production to the next level. Project management involves overseeing and facilitating the opening, planning, implementing, and closing stages of…, It’s been a fair few months of hibernation now and we don’t know about you, but we’re ready…, Here at MasterStart, we just love August for the opportunity that it presents to honour and celebrate the…, While every day brings new waves of hope, inspiration and motivation, tomorrow shines as a particularly special opportunity…, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has gone from being the stuff of sci-fi to a widely implemented technology in many…, Hard work is the foundation of a long, rewarding and successful career. This field of operations management is an important field for any company but at the same time, it is considered to be a challenging field for the organization. This leads to increased revenue from a new customer base. The market today is extremely dynamic and evolving owing to the various reasons: Competition from the new and established players of the market, Quick product deliveries to the customers owing to online sales, Evolving taste and preferences of the customers. So any operations management involves similar management tasks irrespective of what industry or business one operates. Statistics are sometime no use, understanding the reality will yield a better result. Align expectations and aspirations with a different kind of progression emphasizing cross-skill training and the importance of gaining wider business experience both within the process and in other processes. One of the most basic objectives of operations management implementation is to make sure that the organization is effectively and efficiently utilizing its input resources in order to generate output. Construction management is largely rooted in…, It’s MasterStart’s 6th birthday! By doing so any person taking up the position will not have to go through the process of determining the processes that needs to be performed, for that they need to evaluate the overall strategy of the company which may not be a great idea as this would be time consuming and also will waste the company’s resources. PlanetTogether. Operations management is important in a business organization because it helps effectively manage, control and supervise goods, services and people. © 2020 Exeed College. Management is actually that branch of the business that manages the system and working of the organization so that it operations runs smoothly and well. It helps to formulate a linkage between the Finance Department, Marketing department, supply chain department, and other related departments in the organization (get smarter, 2017). In the value chain we can see that there are primary activities, support activities and supply chain management and firm infrastructure. (, 2016). The basic tool for operations management is project management. Another significant tool for operations management is quality control and inspection. If the wastage can be avoided, you will take necessary measures through research and studies. But you can one from professional essay writers. Our writers can help you with any type of essay. I love writing about the latest in marketing & advertising. Once the final product has been created, the operations manager will assess to ensure it meets the organisation goals and that the customer’s needs are met. 16 students ordered this very topic and got original papers. However, you will find that the…, With the advent of social media and the ability of every smartphone owner to become a content producer,…, If the past few months have shown us anything, it’s that we can never be too prepared for…, The past few months have been an absolute whirlwind that has seen workers and students all over the…, Now, we’re going to go out on a limb here and guess that your 2020 hasn’t exactly gone…, Although many of us are affected by the global economic impact of COVID-19, it’s important to remind ourselves…, Customer Centric Management Strategy Principles and Practices. The inbound logistics at the factory is managed by a purchasing manager who has to make sure that the different quality of woods and materials are purchased and also has to make sure that constantly the suppliers are updated regarding the requirements. Definition and Examples, Agenda Setting Theory Explained (with Applications). Operations management helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization from raw material to product. When you astutely adhere to the Importance of Operations Management, you save on a lot of futile operational costs, unnecessary expenses, and overheads. Quality control and inspection also help the organization to make sure that the operations of the organization are according to the formulated objectives and whether they are on track or not. According to Collins English Dictionary (1986), an operation is defined as “a process, method or series of acts especially of practical nature”. The world will not stand still; nor should any members of the team. If the operations manager doesn’t exist then there are chances that the quality control doesn’t exist, time is not managed properly, inventory is not managed etc. Overall, this will lead to a revenue increase and enable the company to continue to grow. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of operations management is defined as the following: “The control of the activities involved in producing goods and providing services, and the study of the best ways to do this.”. Operations management refers to the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization. The case of IKEA is perfect to explain why Operations Management is important to all types of business, at the production or manufacturing section the company aims to reduce the wastages, increase productivity and time and resources management in order to make sure that the production cost is low and at the stores the company aims to make sure that they warehouse is utilised properly, customers are explained the details and finally the product is delivered without issues so that the shifting cost is low.

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