We use cookies to improve your experience and analyze site traffic. Reconnect with people and activities that are meaningful to you. How To Overcome & Recover From Compassion Fatigue. Otherwise, where would we find so many dedicated nurses, firefighters, social workers, teachers, rescue workers and law enforcement officers? When you subscribe to our newsletter you will receive a free Trauma-Informed Care e-manual. How To Overcome & Recover From Compassion Fatigue. Who are your sources of meaningful emotional support? The things you put on the back burner are often the ones that have the most restorative effects once you turn your attention toward them again. The more self-aware, grounded, centred, and present in the moment we are, the more attuned to our own needs we become. Some people are wired in such a way that makes it difficult—either because of guilt or a sense of obligation—to put themselves first. While I did my research in the areas of burnout and well-being for helpers, I came across the important work of Charles Figley, Ph.D., who coined the term “compassion fatigue.”. These costs can be emotional, psychological, physical, or spiritual in nature. Ultimately, to stay well when it comes to self-care and caring for others, we can ask ourselves, “What is the most compassionate thing to do here?”. The keys to recovery are balance and rejuvenation. This was of interest to me, in part, due to losing three social work colleagues to suicide within the first ten years of my career. However, there can also be costs of caring. Compassion fatigue is a term that describes a gradual lessening of compassion over time in those who work with trauma victims. “Improved self-care is the cornerstone to mitigating the impact of compassion fatigue. I learned as much as I could about burnout prevention for social workers and within caregiving organizations. Compassion fatigue reportedly affects 16% to 39% of registered nurses, ... Identifying and managing signs of compassion fatigue early on can help nurses recover quickly. Compassion fatigue is a well-established concept in the realm of health care providers. For more FREE RESOURCES on this topic and others, visit our free resources page. When thinking about self-care, remember that you need to address six core areas: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, professional, and relational health. If you are a health care professional, healer, social worker, therapist, counsellor, change agent, or any other kind of helper, chances are you have heard of or experienced some form of compassion fatigue during the course of your career.

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