Recipe > Margaret’s Keftedes (Greek Meatballs) They’re often sold from yellow street carts and eaten on the go with a cup of coffee. This is the traditional recipe for […], Greek frappe is with no doubt the most popular coffee throughout Greece especially at summer time, when you need a cold and refreshing drink. Sometimes it’s also topped with grated cheese before being baked in the oven. At the table, the size of the pieces can be large or small, and depending on what's being skewered, work as the main event or side dish. Authentic, traditional, locally sourced Greek recipes and nutritional advice. For […], A super easy pizza dough recipe that rivals even the best Italian restaurants! For the traditional pastitsio / pastichio recipe, layers of pasta, juicy minced beef and velvety béchamel sauce are baked together to create the ultimate Greek comfort food. Use the lentils of your choice, but in Greece, this is traditionally made with small green-brown lentils. Ask someone about Greek food, and some version of all or most of these dishes will be mentioned. Dolmades are usually eaten as an accompaniment to a main meal © Ryzhkov Photography / Shutterstock. This is a Greek rustic bread recipe, that I’m absolutely certain all you bread lovers will enjoy for its simplicity. In Greek: χαλβάς, say: hahl-VASWe adore semolina pudding (halvas). You can also find them filled with meat or vegetables. $ 14. From simple grilled foods and vegetable dishes to rich layered casseroles and delicate pastries, Greek food is a wonderful mix of dishes that appeal to all tastes. Discover how to make it to perfection here…. It’s made by layering ground beef or lamb with macaroni and béchamel sauce and is often flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg and Greek herbs. This is a delicious and super easy to follow Greek lamb souvlaki recipe with fluffy pita breads and creamy tzatziki sauce to make your own homemade juicy lamb souvlaki skewers from scratch. Simply irresistible! In Greece, where lamb is the most important meat, this dish is a favorite at Easter and on celebratory occasions. Moussaka can be made with mince or as a vegetarian version © Irina Meliukh / Shutterstock. In Greek: κοτόσουπα αυγολέμονο (αβγολέμονο), say: koh-TOH-soo-pah ahv-gho-LEH-moh-noThis chicken and lemon rice soup is a favorite with Greek families and frequently served as a first course at the holiday table. If this article inspires you to take your trip - connect with our local expert in Athens to quote and book your personalised tailor-made trip. The greens are usually drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, then topped with fresh lemon juice. Simply irresistible! You will only […], If you haven’t tried Christopsomo (Greek Christmas bread) before, then you are certainly missing out! Another of Greece’s national dishes, although not so well known internationally, is this classic white bean soup. Rough Guides® is a trademark owned by Apa Group with its headquarters at A bit like a kebab, a gyros is a typical Greek sandwich. Healthy, simple and absolutely delicious.. For the most delicious Greek salad, the secret is in the ingredients: find some juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumber, creamy feta cheese, good quality extra virgin olive oil and some tangy black olives and you are basically done! Thinking of planning a trip to Greece? Eaten as an accompaniment to a main meal, dolmades are vine or grape leaves stuffed with herby, lemony rice and folded over to create a small parcel, which is then steamed. And the best part, ready to bake in only 10 minutes. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, 32 Traditional Easter Foods From Around the World, Classic Greek Holiday Desserts and Pastries, Best Greek Meatless Recipes to Make During Lent, Great Greek Dishes for the Thanksgiving Table. A dash of olive oil and lemon juice gives it that authentic Greek taste. The cheese is dredged in flour and seared to a golden brown. In Greek: σαγανάκι, say: sah-ghah-NAH-keeA quick and simple appetizer dish, the original Greek version is not flamed (with the addition of ouzo or brandy), but certainly can be - in the best Chicago tradition where that version originated. These sweet custard slices, made with layers of flaky phyllo pastry and sprinkled with cinnamon, are worth a visit to Greece alone, even if you don’t do anything else. For all the chocolate lovers, this one is for you! This recipe for moussaka is the most well known. In Greek: ντολμάδες, say: dohl-MAH-thesStuffed grape leaves are a favorite appetizer and meze, and one of the most traditional of all Greek dishes. Our very best homemade pita bread recipe! An amazing no knead bread recipe for you to make your own homemade bread with literally no effort! Galaktoboureko is a traditional Greek dessert made with layers of golden brown crispy […], If you are tired of preparing the same dishes every year for Thanksgiving, maybe it is time to mix things up a bit and try some of our ideas for […], Greek coffee is a strong brew of coffee, which is served with foam on the top (kaimaki) and the grounds at the bottom of the cup. There are several variations, and the egg-lemon sauce (avgolemono) is so popular that there are some who make a quick soup in the microwave using canned soup or broth, just to have the opportunity to add the avgolemono sauce, which is the crowning glory. These Moustokouloura cookies are really delicious and fragrant. If you've never prepared lamb and/or potatoes with lemon juice, this is the time to try. Serve them as appetizers, mezethes, condiments, or in creative ways devised in your kitchen. In Greek: χόρτα βραστά, say; HOR-tah vrahs-TAHA staple of the traditional Greek diet, the leafy greens chosen for boiled leafy greens are often gathered in the wild. Some call frappe Greek National drink […], A super easy Greek village bread recipe (Horiatiko Psomi) that will amaze you! This recipe for halvas, with nuts, honey, and raisins, is our favorite and includes links to other versions - even a low-fat version (although taste is sacrificed, we're sorry to say). Go tailor-made! As is usual when preparing Greek soups, the olive oil gets added at the very end. Over the years I’ve tried many homemade pizza dough recipes but none of them managed to give […]. In Greek: melomakarona, μελομακάρονα, say: meh-loh-mah-KAH-roh-nah; phoenikia, φοινίκια, say: fee-NEEK-yahHoney spice cookies (melomakarona, also called phoenikia), are one of the most famous cookies in Greece. On the other hand, it has no eggs, milk, or butter, so perhaps there's some balance there. In Greek: φασσολάδα, say: fah-so-LAH-thahAccording to food historians, hearty bean soup has been around since ancient Greek times. Switzerland, Cultural and natural sites of Athens and the Peloponnese, The Historical and Mythological Cyclades islands, Greek food: 11 delicious dishes you need to try, Alternative things to do in Santorini: the secret side of the Greek Island, The best places to go in autumn – the editors' picks, Plan your tailor-made trip with a local expert, Travel stress-free with local assistance and 24/7 support, GREEK FOOD: 11 DELICIOUS DISHES YOU NEED TO TRY, Getting around Greece: Transportation Tips, Travel Tips Greece for planning and on the go. Soft, fluffy, with a beautiful crust and unique flavour.. Greek Dolmades recipe (Stuffed Vine/ Grape Leaves Dolmathes), Crispiest Greek Lemon Potatoes Recipe (Patates Lemonates), Traditional Greek Baklava Recipe with Walnuts and Honey, Loukoumades recipe (Greek Donuts with Honey and Walnuts), Vasilopita Cake Recipe (Greek New Year’s cake), Easiest Homemade Kourabiedes recipe (Christmas Greek Butter Cookies), Walnut and biscuit Chocolate Truffles (Troufakia), Greek Stuffed Cabbage Rolls recipe in lemon sauce (Lahanodolmades / Lahanodolmathes), Greek lemon Chicken Soup recipe (Kotosoupa Avgolemono), Kariokes (Walnut-filled Chocolate Crescents), Greek Diples Recipe (Christmas Greek Pastry with Honey). It is the national dish of Greece, representing the best of the Greek way of cooking: legumes, vegetables, herbs, and olive oil. Centuries old customs and Greek traditions that have accompanied us in every facet of our […]. In Greek: φασολάκια φρέσκα, say: fah-soh-LAHK-yah FRES-kahAs simple as this green bean casserole recipe looks, it will fast become a family favorite. Salt cod can be purchased in dry salted slabs that need to be soaked to remove the preserving salt, and can also be found already desalinated in the frozen food section of many markets. This is greek Moussaka! Greek food uses mainly fresh local ingredients such as Mediterranean vegetables, olive oil, lemon juice, various types of fish and meat, as well as grains. 7 Bell Yard, London WC2A 2JR, United Kingdom Fillings can include meat or be meatless, and the variety of herbs is endless. Explore more of Greece with the Rough Guide to Greece. Lamb Kleftiko Recipe (Greek Lamb Cooked In Parchment Paper), Marinated Greek Lamb Souvlaki recipe (Skewers) with Pita and Tzatziki, Saganaki recipe (Pan-seared Greek cheese appetizer), Greek Chicken Souvlaki recipe (Skewers) with Tzatziki, Traditional Greek Moussaka recipe (Moussaka with Béchamel), Greek Pastitsio recipe (Greek Lasagna with Béchamel), Traditional Greek Salad recipe (Horiatiki / Xoriatiki), Greek Meatballs recipe (Keftedes/ Keftethes), Traditional Greek Galaktoboureko recipe (Greek Custard Pie with Syrup), Greek coffee recipe – How to make Greek coffee (Ellinikos Kafes), Greek Moustokouloura recipe (Grape must cookies with petimezi), Fanouropita recipe (Saint Fanourios cake), How to make the Best Greek Frappe coffee (Iced coffee), Greek Bread recipe (Village bread/ Horiatiko Psomi), Greek Okra stew recipe with Tomatoes (Bamies Laderes), Christopsomo recipe (Greek Christmas Bread with Walnuts), Chocolate covered Melomakarona (Greek Christmas honey cookies with chocolate), Talatouri recipe (Cypriot tzatziki sauce with mint), Greek peas and potato stew with tomatoes recipe (Arakas laderos kokkinistos), Greek style no bake cheesecake with yogurt, Traditional Greek lemon beef stew recipe (Moschari lemonato), Unit Conversions and useful substitutions.

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