line-height: 24px; For the past 42 years, we have preserved our fine furniture craftsmanship. #sp-testimonial-pro-wrapper-20559 .slick-next { font-size: 15px; }#sp-testimonial-pro-20559.sp-testimonial-pro-section .sp-testimonial-pro-item{ margin: 0px 0px 18px 0px; // ]]> text-transform: none; var cq_params = {}; CQuotient._trackASingleCQEvent = function ( /* Object */ event) { .sp-tpro-modal-testimonial-20559.sp-tpro-modal-testimonial .tpro-client-location{ window.location.reload(); _analytics: null, } } else { CQuotient.sendActivity(CQuotient.clientId, 'viewProduct', cq_params); Taobao Global } window.CQuotient.initFromCookies(); } text-transform: none; } text-align: center; font-style: normal; _capture: function(configs) { var c = ca[i]; I would strongly suggest Classic Leather! color: #444444; Mathis Brothers carries a complete selection of USA Leather furniture made with premium leather and the finest materials. I purchased a couch, chair and ottoman from Classic Leather in 1995. I could not believe that I was able to replace the old worn out cushions with the new ones. if(window.CQuotient.cqeid == '') font-weight: 600; font-family: Open Sans; color: #444444; _category: "", It is generally recognized that solid hardwoods for framing, springs of coil shape, like true 8 way hand tied seating, and heavy innerspring cushions will provide longer use and comfort than products built with lesser specifications. I purchased a couch, chair and ottoman from Classic Leather in 1995. #sp-testimonial-pro-20559.sp-testimonial-pro-section.tpro-navigation-thirteen .slick-prev:hover, It has aged beautifully and was well worth the investment. dataLayer = dataLayer.concat({"sfccID":"cdJfKBxyNJCRqa6ab50L52PehX","loggedInState":false,"pageLanguage":"en_US"}); Are you looking for leather sofa manufacturer Sungai Buloh? EV_PRD_SEARCHHIT: "searchhit", I could not believe that I was able to replace the old worn out cushions with the new ones. fbq('init', '285388975285095'); All Rights Reserved. }#sp-testimonial-pro-20559.sp-testimonial-pro-section .tpro-client-image{; CQuotient.cqlid=split_value[2]; #sp-testimonial-pro-20559.sp-testimonial-pro-section .tpro-client-location{ font-size: 20px; text-transform: none; font-weight: 400; Our consistent premium quality is one of the many reasons for our customer loyalty…, We produce through Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), Original Design Manufacturing (ODM), and Design. The following information was compiled from using more than 40 years in the leather furniture industry on a manufacturer, and retail level. .sp-tpro-modal-testimonial-20559.sp-tpro-modal-testimonial .tpro-client-designation-company{ The owner created this list originally in 1990 to help you understand more about leather furniture brands and has kept it updated since. #sp-testimonial-pro-20559.sp-testimonial-pro-section .tpro-client-website{ HTTPS Not Supported. line-height: 26px; The gentlemen who delivered the sofa were very professional and careful in moving, unwrapping and setting up my sofa. font-family: Open Sans; = || JSON.parse("\x7b\"googleAnalyticsEnabled\":false,\"googleAnalyticsId\":null,\"adobeAnalyticsEnabled\":false,\"adobeAnalyticsRsid\":null,\"adobeAnalyticsTrackingServer\":null\x7d"); if(window.CQuotient.cquid == '') cq_params.loginId = CQuotient.getCQHashedLogin(); I have been using a custom yellow Classic Leather office chair since 2004.

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