If there are any chemicals, a routine wash will hopefully get rid of them and soften the sheets for your bed. I have found the best prices and selection on king size sheet sets from online retailers. FULL (DOUBLE) SHEETS. Some new mattresses have a deeper depth than older ones. Last revised: 22 January 2013. Sheet sizes are determined by the length and width of the bed and come in the following categories: twin, double, queen, king and California king. After one night's use, it rolls and Many fitted sheets are not deep enough to fit these newer styles. Fitted sheets are available with pockets as deep as 12 or even 14 inches. This tells the shopper how "deep" the sheet is, in case he or she has an extra thick mattress, or one with a pillow-top. The “height” of a fitted sheet is determined by the depth of what makers call the 38" X 80". 54" 75" Queen Size. A full bed is 54 inches by 75 inches with the fitted sheet measuring 55 inches wide by 76 inches long. I have a king size waterbed and have been using two flat sheets for years. This allows that tucking under at the bottom and turning over at the top, which are needful for the comfort of the sleeper. Shoppers can compare sizes, prices, and thread counts all across the Internet so she can make sure she is getting the best deal. Other Tips for Decoding Sheet Sizes . I have tried satin sheets, but feel like I am slipping all over the place. No information on contributors is available for this page. The main sheet sizes are twin, double, queen, king, and California king. It also seems like the more you wash them, the softer they get. I can get the sheets on the bed, but they really don't fit as well as the California king size does. I always buy at least a 500 thread count when I am buying sheets for our beds. Hester M. Poole, in Household News, vol II, Jan. 1894, page 701. 38" X 75". Thank you for the link to tempurpedic. I cannot find twin size sheets that are wide enough to really tuck in. This is because the material is rayon once the plant fiber is processed. I buy queen size bed sheets for my bed and my guest bed, and like to buy as high of a thread count as I can afford. Double . Once you know the size of the sheets and the mattress, you can estimate whether or not the sheets will fit your mattress. The larger the sheets — and the higher the thread count — the higher the price, as well. I remember reading somewhere than once you get over 500 thread count, there is not much difference in the quality or softness. These are common mattress sizes. Sheet sizes, thread count, and quality determine bedding prices. Few things can be more irritating than spending money on sheets that do not fit your mattress well. Many fitted sheets are not deep enough to fit these newer styles. inches) than for the larger sizes (say 10½ inches). In the winter I keep flannel sheets on our bed, and like crisp, cotton sheets during the summer. Flat Sheet (in inches) Pillowcase (in inches) Twin Size… Usually you can get some good prices on sales and close-out sheet sets. In fact, many new mattresses are deeper, plus people may add mattress toppers that can add a few inches to the mattress. SHEETS. (This explains why the sheet … So, if a shopper has a thick mattress, he or she can look for a deeper pocket, ensuring the sheet will be a good fit. These standard sizes are seen throughout the industry. My favorite sheets are a soft Egyptian cotton that keep getting softer all the time. Can you use regular sheets on a waterbed? A three-inch hem, with a two-inch at the bottom, to my eye look better than a narrower finish.

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