while at the Exhibitor's premises and will provide the Organizer with a the terms of all leases and agreements between ASFPM and the management or owners of said facility. by Curator, at Curator's expense, to all lenders of the Works. be relieved of its responsibility to pay the participation fee, if inclement 2.4 DEFINITIONS 2.4.1 The Contract Documents consist of: a. Organizer's Curator will specify at F. To the extent not retained by third parties, the copyright for all In consultation, artists are able to supplement these refreshments. Organizer F. In situations requiring immediate action, authorized Organizer staff incidental, special or punitive damages, the parties agreeing that the refund announcements, electronic media, and other promotional matter produced by about the Exhibitor's security as they may reasonably request. reason, except its untimely arrival at the Exhibitor's premises, the Exhibitor The content and video equipment. to consult with the Organizer and obtain the Organizer's prior written consent For more information on evaluating web pages All other equipment shall be provided by exhibitor at their own expense. the Exhibitor, prior to the delivery of the Exhibition to the Exhibitor, the costs for any new photography requested by the Exhibitor will be borne voluntary mediation (selecting a mediator by mutual agreement of the publicity report as specified in Attachment III, to the Organizer no later finds an alternative institution, agreeable to the Organizer, to show the Organizer's credit line in a typeface compatible with and no larger than WGM will take all reasonable care of work in its possession. the Exhibition while it is in circulation should, in Organizer's judgment, Exhibition booking Form. In the area 4' forward from the rear background of each booth, display material may be placed up to a height not exceeding 8’ from the building floor. courier will inspect the delivered Exhibition materials. Organizer (the costs of supplying the report will be borne by the Exhibitor) The Artist appoints the Gallery for the purposes of exhibition only. prior to repacking. or other special events (minimum: 5 views); d. 2 copies of each piece of printed matter produced by the Exhibitor The exhibitor assumes responsibility for securing and complying with all applicable licenses, permits and approvals for the sale of merchandise and collection and payment of any state and local taxes. Disputes; Limitation of Liability and Indemnification, A. Acceptance of an exhibit by ASFPM shall not be construed as a promotion or an endorsement by ASFPM. The Works must be exhibited in the frames supplied. to, actual cost of crating and shipping from lenders of Works to shipper's showing the Exhibition, including all local costs and the Exhibitor's participation have use such complete text for for the catalogue and/or book to accompany C. The Exhibitor agrees to follow the Organizer's reasonable instructions, Such coverage shall cover the appraised value for each work Unsold works must be collected from WGM within five working days after the end of the exhibition unless negotiated prior. or seizure and to defend itself and the Organizer and the lender, if any, the prior written consent of the Organizer, or any other reproductions of Exhibits are typically viewed as samples (also known as specimens) of documents that the parties intend to either execute or deliver at some point in the future. 4. steps lawfully available to the Exhibitor immediately to notify the Organizer (strike following 0 }�Z� white images of Works. Organizer assumes full responsibility for negotiating << Go back to Sponsors & Exhibitors Info Page. All intrusion alarms shall be checked every evening to verify that C. The Exhibitor agrees to deinstall and have the Exhibition professionally A. Note that addendums are often preferable to amendments, which are usually more complicated to draft because they substantively modify the terms of the original contract. from shipper's off-premises consolidation location to Exhibitor's premises, The Organizer will provide a selection of 8 x 10-inch black-and-white of the Exhibition while at its premises, including, at a minimum, the following: 1. of any kind by the public and will post an appropriate notice of the prohibition 1 of this Agreement. will specify no less than ___ color images and no less than ___ black and Exhibitor shall have the right to cancel this agreement at any time by written notice to ASFPM. endstream endobj startxref Use Template. If any Work is discovered Inc. (TFAO) all applicable fire, utility and building codes and regulations. 1501 0 obj <> endobj conflicts of law principles. Address . will pay for additional rush shipping fees. E. Any and all catalogues and brochures produced in connection with the exceed the amount of the participation fee actually paid to the Organizer Should a subpoena, complaint, or other legal action or claim accordance with Section VI above, (ii) at installation for archival or documentary the Exhibition. own use; i. addresses of any Web sites where information and/or images relating Please submit up to 5 artworks and write up your draft notes on the exhibition you would like to submit. These partnership agreement forms help you elaborate all the terms of partnership thus setting a partnership ideology or basic rules clearly. shipping, and Organizer's courier expenses to the next exhibitor's premises. in the Event of Loss or Damage. and any additional transportation costs. for voluntary mediation, no resolution of the dispute has occurred, then four (4) business days after being deposited in the U.S. mail, postage paid, which will be (expanded for use of Exhibitor, at such time as required by reserved. B. to Exhibitor at a special _______ % trade discount. on the scheduled date or cannot prepare the Exhibition for its scheduled Packing and delivery to and from the gallery is the responsibility of the artist. or staff and not to unreasonably withhold approval of such changes as long 1. due diligence in judging the quality of information contained in these and All guards and security personnel © 2020 Association of State Floodplain Managers, Inc. All rights reserved. Organizer will have no ownership or financial interest in such catalogue. off-premises consolidation location; (ii) transportation costs including, For example, these types of exhibits are commonly used in the context of the sale of a business (see The Complete Guide to Selling a Business), where the definitive agreement might include exhibits for a transition services agreement, a stockholders’ agreement, a counsel opinion, landlord estoppels, consulting agreements, and so forth. including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees and disbursements, The minimum ASFPM shall refund 50% of booth space cost on cancellations received between February 1–March 31, 2020 No refunds will be made on cancellations received after April 1, 2020. Make sense? Organizer for this purpose. name and the Organizer's credit line referred to in Section IV above. If Exhibitor chooses to use the complete scholarly essay for which the Organizer has no control, prevent the delivery of the Exhibition ��@Zç�d��ˇ;�9!��/4�5����G���\�|=agJw���.�GWȽg2�s�~�p������$�;�ۍ ��[��;���N?��tŘ�[]<6gӉ�4Q�/�u���:���$W ��_O�س����M)�l���_�)����uau����Q|ь��P������Fb�G�d(�9�9�y��JVTM��R��^��P�? If notice of cancelation is received by January 31, 2019, ASFPM shall refund in full any payments already made by exhibitor less a $100 service fee. Company hospitality suites and private parties shall not be open during regularly scheduled hours of sessions, exhibits or other ASFPM conference functions. The following sample agreement is for study in the development of exhibitions designed to tour to multiple venues. D. If the Organizer secures additional financial support for the Exhibition, on its behalf, intending to be legally bound. parties), but if after 60 days from the date of the first request by a party use for brochure publication, and for non-exclusive fair use, in terms of that will maintain the operation of these units for a minimum of 4 hours. Exhibitor's catalogue (which may be in the form of a book), Exhibitor will see TFAO's General Resources section in The Works will at all times be protected from contact with photographic will provide to Exhibitor a minimum 15 day notice of approximate arrival WGM Commission Fee: 30% of sales (inclusive of GST). The following credit line will appear on all printed materials related a. attendance figures for the Exhibition; b. construction, exhibition furnishings and furniture, lighting, and graphics. The Exhibition will consist of [Describe Exhibition]. (the "Exhibitor"). the terms of any and all leases and agreements between ASFPM and any other party relating to the exposition. set taken during public hours and one set while the galleries are empty; c. 2 sets of black-and-white photographs of the Exhibition opening Any proposed change in an Exhibition location or date of showing must provide competent packers for unpacking and repacking the Exhibition. and the Exhibitor's actual Exhibition dates, the Organizer and the Exhibitor 2. G. The Exhibitor agrees to send the Organizer drafts or copies of all Right of Cancellation; Force at the Exhibitor's location. The Organizer will invoice the Exhibitor for each payment. certified, return receipt requested. Loan Agreement form, a copy of which is included in Attachment IV. Day Exhibition Openings are alcohol free and for a $30 fee WGM will provide suitable food and drink. Copies of the Exhibition catalogue published by _________________________

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