“Everything is illegal here” – bank worker aunt. Yes, even the nearly broken-down, dangerous, old rusted ones. There really are few places in this world that are as unique and as beautiful as Cuba. And it has enticed and facilitated the migration of millions of Cubans to the shores of Florida. Cuba provides their own version of food stamps to every single Cuban citizen, subsidized or free housing and utilities, free health care, and free education. For elderly people and single mothers the life in the city can be hard and they have to struggle to meet ends. Additional works present references to the first years of the Cuban revolution of 1959, such as Korda’s famous tribute to guerrilla leader Ernesto Che Guevara, or Osvaldo Salas’ “Fidel y Hemingway” picture of Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro and the American novelist Ernest Hemingway. I really hope something is done about these things. 1 of 13. Havana-Guide.com copyright © 2005-2014 Discussions about everyday life in Cuba. From the adornment of streets, establishments and highways with homages to political figures, to the many Cubans that will talk your ear off about politics. Excluding the tourist spots, Cubans can get a cup of coffee for .04 cents, buy a sandwich for .08 cents, a pizza for .28 cents, an ice cream for .04 cents, a shared taxi for .40 cents, a beer for $1, a bottle of rum for $2, and the list goes on…. Daily Life in Cuba: The Food Market. The average salary for a Cuban is about $25-30 per month. For a twist in creativity, visitors can enjoy an art installation made with plumbing pipes and magnifying glasses that talk about the migration crisis of the 1990’s. The most revolutionary of innovative systems has been El Paquete Semanal. Whether we have a question about a recipe, a treatment for a malady, or about our rights, we have a plethora of information disposable at our fingertips within seconds. I was referring to more basic things like health, school, transportation (buses are less than 1 penny), eating in a cafeteria is .50 cents, etc. Many of the several unique inventions are innocuous, some are lucrative black market businesses deemed illegal by the Cuban government, while others have revolutionized Cuban life. I was emerged and immersed into the deeper inner crevices of the island. There is no way to argue this. Some Cubans are revolutionists, they strongly support the Castro administration. As of 2017, access to information is much more limited in Cuba than possibly in any other part of the world. Milk is only available for mothers with children below the age of six. Fascinating insights – thank you! Politics is everywhere in Cuba. Internet is $1 CUC per hour, in a country with an average monthly salary of $20. But a growing number of Cubans, especially of the younger generation, claim a strong dislike and apathy for politics; maybe they’re just like many politically apathetic Americans or maybe some are scared of talking and/or feel hopeless. Of course this not the whole story, to make an estimate about the cost of the life in Havana you have to take in account the cost of housing, electricity, water, and these costs are in Cuba very low. Getting online, even if you have $1 to spare requires making long lines to buy the internet prepaid card (which they run out of every day) and which you can only use in certain government-designated hot spots. Although by 2019 there is more access to mobile internet and public spots with wifi in Cuba… it’s still out of the reach of the average Cuban making $20/month. Table of Contents. I don’t want to hear it” – toothless father in law, ranting about the inefficient dental healthcare system. It includes the newest TV shows, sports games, songs, local classified ads, movies, viral YouTube clips, international news websites, computer applications and more. Dominican Abroad LLC is an Amazon, Booking, and Airbnb affiliate and thus we earn from qualifying purchases you make at no extra cost to you. Everyday life in Cuba. But the catch? If we ever ponder a question we simply Google it. Nostalgia has room in another installation, made from piles of printed portraits remembering the role of photo studios in the 20th century, now pushed aside by the digital kingdom of selfies. A curfew wasn’t announced, but surveillance and control by public law enforcement forces have been hiked up. Politics in Cuba can be Incessant; Cars are Exorbitantly Overpriced in Cuba; Cuba has an Underground Offline Version of Netflix ; Getting Around in Cuba Mean Hitching a Ride; The Average Monthly Salary in Cuba … Below are a few of many surprising things that particularly resonated with me about everyday life in Cuba. They also get the following in limited quantities: 1 piece of soap, 1 toothbrush, and 1 tube of toothpaste. Instead, within a year, life began to get worse. As a first-generation American-born Dominican, I am blessed with the ability to speak the Caribbean Spanish dialect. The cost and availability of things in her smaller town is ridiculous. Also, the increase in tourism has skyrocketed prices throughout Cuba, and especially in Havana. In Havana, almendrones are shared taxis that go up and down specific routes for .40 cents. 2500-3000 Peso Nacional (= 150$ per month). Tourists pay for everything in Peso Convertibles (CUC) and only buy in the so-called dollar shops. It conveys how photographers went from recording pro-independence war armies, to picturing street scenes or featuring the bearded leaders at mass rallies, and it also chronicles the 20th and 21st centuries’ more abstract approaches. Hi Isabel….I have been to Cuba 20 times or more. Everyday life in Cuba captured over 100 years in candid photos HAVANA, Oct. 29th Havana’s Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Cuban arts building) shines a light on 100 images taken by 50 Cuban photographers from 1895 to present. The catch? The poorest Cuban still has more than the poorest Haitian, Honduran, Dominican, Mexican, and Jamaican. This 50’s car (pictured above) is worth approximately $12,000 USD. All Rights Reserved. Throughout the countryside, Cubans wave dollar bills on the side of roads hoping to catch a ride to school or work. Buses range from the city buses (which are almost free) to a new black and yellow “Collectivo” bus that charges a tiny little more but is more reliable. People thought life would improve. No other nationality has this privilege. Originally posted in early 2018, Updated: July 24, 2019. of course, romance: wild music and exotic night life; Hemingway and Jose Martí sugar, rum, and cigars; Che and Fidel; the U.S. blockade and Bay of Pigs; American imperialism hand-in-hand with Cuban despots.. Mostly, Cuba came to symbolize forbidden fruit: our government ruled it off limits, though it's only 90 miles from our shores. For shorter distance? There's a system for the Cubans in Peso Nacional, they are paid in Peso Nacional (or Peso Cubano) and they can buy in peso shops for Cubans. With the unlicensed long distance drivers, someone always had to sit in the front to seem like friends in case we got pulled over. The overwhelming circular arguments about the effects of the Castro administration can make anyone’s head spin. Cubans will walk it. A pleasure to read! There's a system for the Cubans in Peso Nacional, they are paid in Peso Nacional (or Peso Cubano) and they can buy in peso shops for Cubans. Havana’s Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Cuban arts building) shines a light on 100 images taken by 50 Cuban photographers from 1895 to present. Below are a few of many surprising things that particularly resonated with me about everyday life in Cuba. Getting around the island can be done in a variety of ways for Cubans. While this figure is definitely low by American/European standards, we must think relatively. This, along with the revolution, since the 1950’s has created a culture of people disappearing one by one to the U.S., leaving behind an over-plucked population where many, especially the affluent, leave. I returned from my first trip to Cuba sporting a glowing tan, whistling to the hymns of the Buena Vista Social Club, and expressing a newfound snootiness for coffee. An anthology of Cuban photography directly aims to compile as many concepts as possible, featuring authors as distant as Felipe Atoy with his sepia shots of everyday life scenes of the early 20th century, to Roberto Chile’s striking black-and-white’s from the 21st. How much is the average Cuban salary? The two radical sides usually point their fingers at either the Cuban government or the U.S. government. To start with, there is a double system of payment and prices. Cuba is not the poorest country on earth.

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