The problem can sometimes come from antivirus software. Check if the modem connects; the DSL light should be on. There are three connectors on the DSL modem. There is a possibility that the problem is on the phone jack. Red light is the sign that the DSL modem is unable to detect CenturyLink’s internet equipment although you have to connect the line. When your computer tries to connect, an error message should appear if there is a problem. Here is a list of the most common Windows error codes along with their solutions: 651: Your modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error, 691: Access was denied because the username and/or password was invalid on the domain, 769: The specified destination is not reachable. I've called Optus and they sent a new modem, however it isn't a modem issue since I have tested other non-Optus modems with the same result. The copper wires that telcos run DSL on were never intended for the application, they a squeezing more blood from a stone. Enter another ZIP to see info from a different area. Click this link to see how to check whether your network card is properly enabled, Click this link to see how to check if your network card is properly enabled. The DSL light blinking is usually an indication that the DSL modem isn't able to lock on a signal from the DSLM (head end of the DSL connection). As the result, you know what to do and use your bsnl wifi modem or bsnlinternet just like before without any red DSL light problem anymore. Then, we will look at the most frequent problems Finally, we will look at the error codes that Windows generates when your modem is connected directly to your computer, as well as how to resolve them. Does the DSL light stay on in other jacks or outlets? A line noise or modem connection sound when plugged into the telephone jack. Problem on the DSL network providers network. Try plugging the modem into another telephone jack. If you see a « Page cannot be displayed » message instead of a three-digit error code, the computer is not attempting to connect to the Internet. One more thing to check is the filter and it is a must to check that the modem is not filtered. You have to make sure that the equipment is set up just like the instruction. Unable to browse the Web or use email? Check all of the cables, then restart the modem and the computer, If the DSL light is off or flashing, click. Dong Ngo/CNET You may have noticed that your router and modem have, like, a ton of constantly blinking … Make sure that there are no splitters (Y connectors) between the DSL modem and the telephone jack. Could be any of - 1. The DSL modem can get a signal even if no computer is connected to it. The point is that you finally know the reason for modem internet light red and how to treat red DSL light. If your computer is having problems, it is better to contact the store where you bought it, or a specialized technician. If there is no significant problem with the modem, the DSL light will turn green or show the normal signal. Then, they will ask why is my DSL light red? It should be no more than six feet (approximately three metres) long. Now to the problem. It might be the reason why DSL light is red. The light on DSL modem shows specific signal and it turns on by the time the device connected to the electric power. Also make sure that the telephone line connected to the modem is not plugged into an extension. The problem is that there is a case that the green light turns into red light. AOL Verizon Email Settings for iPhone and Android, Two Steps of Time Warner Cable Modem Setup You Must Know, How to Boot the Nexus 6P into Recovery Mode, The Place for Your TWC Needs. So... first off I have an Actiontec PK5000 wireless modem/router combination. A flashing red DSL or Sync light … Problem: The Internet is slow, but only during the first few minutes of use; Problem: My connection is slow. We keep our promises. Try to restart the telephone gateway by unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in. Make sure that the modem does not have a filter on it. The first thing to do is remaining calm and waiting for about 30 seconds. So, you can test the modem in various jacks without moving your computer. Make sure they are properly plugged in and there is no gap between the outlet and the connector. The network card or an internal modem may be conflicting with another of the computer’s peripheral devices. Check these three connectors: The modem’s indicator lights help you make an initial diagnosis. Learn how your comment data is processed. If your computer is giving you an error code, go directly to the solution section for that error code. Cable, DSL, fibre optics, wireless and dial-up access enable us to adapt to your specific business and residential needs. Make sure that the network cable (RJ-45) is properly connected from the modem’s «, Also make sure that the network cable (RJ-45) is properly connected from the «. If steps 1-4 do not resolve the problem, there may be a configuration problem with your computer, with your router if you have one, or a serious problem with your telephone line. The first thing to check is the setting. Make sure that the DSL modem’s phone line is properly connected to a wall telephone jack. 678: The remote computer did not respond. Check if the modem connects. The DSL light was solid and stable and the Internet light on the modem was completely off. They will analyze the problem deeper which might ordinary people can’t do it. We're sorry that didn't solve your issue. If the DSL light is off or flashing, click. A flashing red  DSL or Sync light means your device couldn’t synchronize. Connection problems and solutions. Make sure that you have the correct username or password. Electrical connector for plugging in the cable from the adapter. It should flash for about 30 seconds for your DSL modem to connect and display a solid light. If the light flashes with only one telephone, that is the defective telephone or filter. The next question is how to fix red internet light on a modem? And we deliver unparalleled service. Do not put a splitter (Y connector) between the DSL and the telephone jack. Check all of the cables, then restart the modem and the computer. Contact technical support if the problem continues. Some people shock when they see red DSL light on their modem. If your Power light doesn’t light up when the modem is plugged in or turned on, the modem may not be getting power. The Light in DSL Model. A defective device or filter can interfere with the signal. See Also: AOL Verizon Email Settings for iPhone and Android. Pour une meilleure navigation, veuillez activer le javascript. There might be a problem with automatic detection of the connection settings. Help others. Make sure that they are written in lower-case letters, with no spaces or accents and with “”. Hi, the problem was occurring whether connected to wireless or wired/ethernet. Make sure that every device that is connected to a phone line, for example, a cordless or corded telephone, an answering machine, a fax machine or a satellite receiver, has its own filter. This has been ongoing for some time. Network port (RJ45) for plugging in a network cable to the computer or router. If your Power light doesn’t light up when the modem is plugged in or turned on, the modem may not be getting power. The phone line should be no more than three metres (six feet) long. Here are a few tips to help you find the root of the problem. Join the conversation! I rang Tech Support and resolved the issue. If the setting is correct and it seems there is no problem with the setting, you can do the next step to overcome the DSL red light. If the DSL modem keeps giving red DSL light signal it means there is a problem with the modem. Just turn off the modem and then turn it on again. If the « DSL » light is off or flashing after several tries with all other devices unplugged, contact ORICOM INTERNET technical support. The WAN (Internet) light on a router shows the status of the Internet connection.

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