Lazy Hazy Lemon Crazy which is infused with lemon and lemongrass. I always try to drink it, or taste new ones that Andre gets, and I even enjoy going to a brewery, and will drink the free beer they give you, but I really do not like the taste of beer. In 1998 H.P. Woodchuck Hard Cider Amber is a strong cider, touting a bold apple flavor. Woodchuck Hard Cider is a HUGE name in Vermont. Yes. But this cider is indeed very weak in the middle palate: The sweet apple flavor hits, but then nothing more develops, then it’s gone. I just wanted to let you know that while Winter may not be quite what you hoped, don't let that stop you from trying the other seasonals. Woodchuck Cider Variety Box Review Monday, March 07, 2016 I hate beer. Privacy Policy. The winter is my all time favorite. A Day In The Life of Me: Rants, Raves and Advice. Woodchuck Hard Cider Company is among the largest commercial ciders produced in the U.S. and is owned by one of the largest commercial cider producers in the world, C&C out of Ireland, the owners of Magners, Bulmars, Hornsby and Blackthorn cider brands. I mostly drink white wine...moscato to be exact. The taste is significantly different from the amber. The first thing I noticed was the bottles! The box included three bottles of each of the four types of cider - original (Amber), seasonal (one of the four seasons), limited edition (self-explanatory), and Chuck's choice (can be anything from the private reserves to a new style). By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies and other data. On the palate the carbonation is present, though not stinging, making it simple to gulp. Then the sugary sweetness again. Woodchuck Amber smells of apples, funnily enough. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hard cider is actually one of my favorite things to drink and I am definitely hooked on Woodchuck Hard Cider not only because it’s a Vermont company but because they are tasty! Woodchuck Amber was the result and it would go on to reinvent a centuries-old beverage which had vanished  in the wake of Prohibition. Pour ingredients into a tumbler filled with ice. I disagree with your assessment of the winter varietal. I'm a girl's girl with my alcohol. Pumpkin is rare and limited and that contains pumpkin with none of the silly spices often associated with it. For sure. Woodchuck Hard Cider all started in 1991 with Greg Failing in Proctersville, Vermont. "I know I totally sound like a commercial, and I don't mean to, but I was just really, really surprised by the seasonals - when they come around again, give them a try! Not much girth or stuffing here. Apple and sweetness and not much else in the way of flavor is what you get. Their ciders taste high quality and are very well balanced. Newton's Folly is made at the Woodchuck cidery (Vermont Hard Cider Company), and both Amber & Green Apple available, but they have a slightly different recipe than actual Woodchuck (I found the Amber slightly less sweet and more bitter & tart than Woodchuck). Raspberry which contains a fresh raspberry flavor. I'm with you...I don't do beer unless it's a Corona Light with lemon and a lime, haha! In September, I was surprised to find the Fall seasonal at my local pool hall. Woodchuck Amber was the result and it would go on to reinvent a centuries-old beverage which had vanished in the wake of Prohibition. Great crisp apple flavor. However, Woodchuck does not produce genuine craft cider. I love the attention to detail they pay to the labels and the Gumption was my favorite! Bulmer of England, the world’s largest cider producer, purchased Woodchuck. I'm a big cider fan. It’s gulpable. Pear which contains hints of pear flavor. Barnum(He once said “everybody drank cider-spirits called ‘gumption’.”) and pairs common apples with dry cider apples for a unique taste.. 802 pays tribute to Vermont and uses fresh pressed apples. I really taste the oak and the vanilla in it. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. June 29, 2016 June 14, 2019. We have put new procedures in place to ensure we are following all VT State COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations when it comes to opening Restaurants, Bars, and Tasting rooms, with heightened emphasis on cleaning, as well as the health, and safety of employees and visitors. Chocolate Raspberry which pairs the unique flavors of chocolate and raspberry. Angus. They’re both great hard ciders so this isn’t a conversation about winners and losers. The aroma is distinctly and purely apple. REVIEW: WOODCHUCK AMBER CIDER. I recently had the pleasure of working with this amazing Vermont business. Pink which was crafted to honor Dragonheart Vermont who offers free wellness programs to empower cancer survivors after diagnosis. Follow Review Amber was the first cider crafted in our two-car garage back in 1991. This brand is likely to be one of the entry brands new cider drinkers will encounter and enjoy. *. Woodchuck Hard Cider Amber. It basically smells like fizzy apple juice. The Woodchuck Cider House reopened on August 1st. I'm sure you would because I'm a big fan of Redd's too! Angry Orchard 2015 Valley Flor First Flora, 2 Towns Ciderhouse Suns Out Saison Peach Cider, 2008 Eden Cellar Series #2 — The Falstaff Seven Year Cider, 2012 Eric Bordelet Poire Granit — Remarkable 5-Star Cider, 2014 Eve's Cidery Autumn's Gold Sparkling Dry Cider, 2014 Tilted Shed Wickson Cider — Luminous Series, Eve's Cidery 2012 Albee Hill Still & Dry Cider, Eve's Cidery 2013 Albee Hill Still and Dry Cider.

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