This is cream cheese to whipped cream to confectioner’s sugar. Mix your cream cheese, vanilla, and cream into a mixing bowl until you get that smooth, velvety, creamy texture. Then I realized it was the butter! Add Cocoa/Powered Sugar a cup at a time and continue to mix until sugar is incorporated. This is to get the frosting to be the right consistency overall. And if you need it frozen for more than a few days, wrap it in 2 garbage bags and push the air out. But one thing to keep in mind is that, depending on what type of margarine you use, the richness of the flavor can be different. In my experience, no it’s been fine for 3-4 days. In some instances, cream cheese can be used to replace some or even all of the butter content that would be used in a frosting. The decorating requires precision and a loose frosting can make it difficult to accurately create the design that you are hoping for. It does not need to be refrigerated and is shelf-safe for days. To start, you will want to gather your ingredients together. Many people do not realize this, but unless you have a perishable filling or butter in your icing, you should avoid putting cake in the fridge! Still, with the uncertainty surrounding whether or not butter is okay to implement into your cooking on a regular basis, there are some who are looking for alternatives to this rich, salty ingredient. (1 cup) semi-sweet chocolate chips, melted and cooled 3 tbsp. This is used to make cream cheese and butter frosting. I can’t wait to try it out. Again, it all comes down to personal baking preferences. I’m glad it was helpful – cheers! Not only that, but the fat provided by the butter helps these dishes form peaks and keep them there. They taste just as delicious and have the same type of consistency, making it a favorite for bakers everywhere. If you like using a low-fat margarine, consider adding a little bit of meringue powder to provide a stiffening agent that will be lacking in the low-fat margarine. This Frosting without butter is easy, light, tasty and perfect for decorating. Keep in mind, though, that cream cheese will result in a much different taste and texture than if you used butter. The frosting that grocery store bakeries used to ice their cakes did not contain butter and that’s why I preferred them over homemade buttercream. I also use Dream Whip in my Black Forest Biscotti and my Slightly Skinny Strawberry Blondie Bars. But there have been conflicting studies that say that butter is pretty much fine to use. So, if you’re looking for a great chocolate frosting that you don’t have to worry about refrigerating and can make in a few minutes, then try this Chocolate Frosting (no butter)! Whether you go with a butter-based frosting or decide to use an alternative to butter, creating the perfect frosting is something that anyone can do in short order with maximum flavor involved. This chocolate frosting calls for cocoa, so it’s easy to make, quick, less fussy than messing with melted chocolate and great for decorating birthday cakes and cupcakes! In order to solidify your coconut oil, you will want to place it in the fridge. Have to surely check on trying this frosting next. Interesting recipe! Ingredients: 3 oz. It might seem tedious but using coconut oil can be a great alternative to butter and give you the same type of consistency that butter would while providing a little pop of coconut to your frosting. You can then use it on anything from cakes to cupcakes and make some of the most luscious, delicious desserts that you have ever had. But there have been some conflicting reports about butter when it comes to our health. Copyright © 2020 Food Meanderings on the Foodie Pro Theme. When I was a kid, we’d often get a Safeway birthday cake for our birthday and I couldn’t have been happier. You will still get the same pure, white color that you would get with either margarine or butter. The Best Cream Cheese Frosting Without Butter Recipes on Yummly | Skinny Carrot Cake With Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese Frosting, Scrumptious Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting, Big Soft Pumpkin Cookies With Cream Cheese Frosting Butter tends to produce that but when swapping out other ingredients for butter, margarine comes the closest to producing that same texture as well as the color that we are familiar with in frosting. In general, if you are still using butter, you would want to use something like a 1-to-2-to-4 ratio. You are better off freezing your cake if you don’t need it for a few days, rather than leaving it in the fridge. If it is still warm, the icing will run and make for an uneven texture. This recipe is party ofThe Country Cook Weekend Potluck! But cakes should NOT be refrigerated anyway. It can also sit in the heat for hours so it’s great for parties, weddings and outdoor events! But just be sure to put it in a sealed cake container. If you plan to pipe your frosting out, you will want to get a thicker consistency so that you can pipe it out exactly as you would want. Buttercream icing or frosting is a very traditional, popular topping for desserts. This chocolate frosting recipe uses Dream Whip powdered dessert frosting. This is because butter provides a richness as well as a stiffness to the body of the dish involved. Can I just omit it? Press Esc to cancel. You can also freeze fully iced cakes with this frosting. This decoration uses butter, some milk, and sugar; however, the butter is interchangeable with other solid fats that are spreadable in texture (think margarine). When you use more milk, you will get a runnier, thinner frosting. Next, sift the sugar and measure out about three cups or so, gradually adding the sugar to your cream cheese mixture. I love to create and share easy, quick, shortcut, make-ahead, healthy and Weight Watchers friendly recipes, with some indulgent baking thrown in for good measure. Just make sure that you store it at room temperature and cover it securely with plastic wrap until you are ready to use it. at a time for desired speading consistency. milk 1 tsp. You can also subscribe without commenting. It is easy to make, light and tasty. It might seem to be a difficult endeavor but creating a quality frosting just takes a little bit of time and effort to create and you can store it for later use. After you have completed the icing process, keep your cake in the fridge until the point where you are ready to serve it. Just whip about 3/4 cup cream until fairly stiff, then beat in 8 ounces softened cream cheese and powdered sugar to taste, and add vanilla or other flavoring. *I find that ⅓ cup is just right, but you may need a little more or less. Thank you! Blend in melted chocolate, milk and vanilla at low speed until smooth. This should come as no surprise given that there are a wide range of cream cheese frosting options that can be purchased ready to use at the grocery store. I’m doing a trial to see how to holds up but pretty descent so far. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Lovely recipe for quick, easy and Budget friendly frosting. Instructions Add the shortening to the mixer and mix for a couple of minutes, then gradually add the powdered sugar, Dream whip,... Add the vanilla, then add the milk until you get the right … Healthy Leftover Creamy Ham Pasta with Peas. Mix Cocoa Powder and Powdered Sugar. If necessary, add additional milk 1 tsp. When you finally do ice the cake, make sure that you cover consistently and evenly throughout. When you use cream cheese in place of butter, the frosting will turn out to be completely white whereas a butter and cheese blend might look a little beige in nature due to the butter that is implemented. And this Chocolate Frosting (without butter) uses shortening (Crisco) instead of butter, so it tastes like grocery store icing. I do not have powdered whipped where I am so I use coconut cream and it’s wonderful…. Your email address will not be published. Really, it comes down to the kind of texture that you enjoy out of your frosting. This is especially the case if you use something like a low- or non-fat cream cheese. If you love shortening based icing, you’ll also love my Whipped Cream Buttercream Frosting made with shortening. Welcome! Hi, I’m Sarah. Let me know how it turns out! Your basic buttercream will use something to the effect of a 1-to-5 ratio when it comes to your unsalted butter against your sugar content. Beat at medium speed until light and fluffy. Making buttercream icing with vegetable shortening will still taste pretty rich but it may have a little bit of a lack of flavor to it that butter would provide. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Okay, so you’ve heard me say it before, but I wholeheartedly believe that butter belongs IN the cake and has absolutely no business in the frosting. I can’t wait to try this version of chocolate frosting! Beat cream cheese, butter and vanilla in a mixer until blended. Filed Under: Chocolate, Desserts, Frosting and Icing Recipes, Recipes, Top Posts, Vegetarian Tagged With: chocolate, Cocoa, cocoa powder, Dream whip, frosting, icing, no butter, shortening, without butter. Crisco based frostings also crust better than butter based, so they are superior for decorating. And because it is similar in nature to butter, it can be swapped out in a 1-to-1 ratio to the butter. The recipe has milk in it…does it not get sour after sitting on the shelf for days? I’ve never made it without so I’m not sure how it would change it. I’m keeping this recipe for sure. And if you’re not an experienced decorator, check out the simple decorating technique videos in the NOTES! The same case can be made with shortening as with margarine: you can add a little bit of meringue powder to your frosting to allow it to hold up a bit better. AND you can make it chocolate as well. As mentioned previously, margarine is a common substitute for butter. This makes it a great choice when making a frosting instead of using something such as margarine or a shortening agent. I learned a lot from this post, Terri. Add the shortening to the mixer and mix for a couple of minutes, then gradually add the powdered sugar, Dream whip, cocoa and blend together until smooth. When making a frosting, you want it to have that rich, creamy, smooth texture. When it sets up, you can use it in place of the butter when it comes to your buttercream frosting.

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