Carol is not stomping anything. I bet the next thing you are gonna tell me is Drax actually was beating up Gladiator here. I think you brought up the whiteness in Hulk’s eye thing before. @underfire47: Where was it exactly stated that she couldn’t go Binary though without a energy amp? @agent41Even if she can. There is no written rule that Hulk only has to turn to Hulk by being angry, but everyone knows he needs to be angry to turn into the Hulk. We should hope that, if Wondy and Cap ever do find themselves in battle, it will be on the same side. She worked for multiple governmental organizations before becoming a superhero; her specialties were security and intelligence. It's a shame she's already nearly died to bullets then :(. Punching Supergirl through ice mountaintops. 2.) @ecstaticgrace: No it does make it inconsistent, just how Carol asspulling that move to defeat She-Hulk is the last time we will ever see that move, that's all Kelly Thompsons run is a bunch of asspulls and inconsistencies. @agent41 Ok, well you learn something new every day. Fair enough on this but as it seems, they are roughly comparable., but WW's best one has been easily surpassed by Binary just for the record. What make you think Diana can't toss Carol back? @agent41: Thanks for responding I'm on mobile and uploading images plus extended typing is a bitch. But the gift of life was not the only thing the gods bestowed on the young princess that day. Gladiator; a secondary high-high tier one-shot her Binary like a fodder. Light, Heat, Sound all of it. In the film, Captain Marvel has spent the past few years exploring the universe with the Kree. By this logic Thor can punch people out of the Solar System because he threw some alien out the solar system without any difficulty. Which is no surprise since being stronger than Hercules has been part of her character since forever. Or even stop Carol from going into space. But she also didn’t directly hit the planet with her energy attack and the effect of said attack on the Brood Queen resulted in the planet being destabilized which resulted in said chain reaction. That would put her around She Hulk level, whom Iron Man has one-shot several times. False equivalencies don't work. Wonder Woman can fly and has been flying for decades. From what I can remember Binary said her durability "may have been weakened", not flat out weakened. Here we can see DC Hercules easily tossing aside Post Crisis Supergirl. So her feats punching a jet, aquaman, punching through a lava vent, throwing more than 500.000 tons into space(and yes it is a force feat, showing her force level) are all feats she did easily without tapping into her full strength. Whose weaknesses would prove fatal? And Gladiator one-shotted a weakened Binary. That clears up the reason why she doesn’t do it in every fight. But if Diana can stop that, she will win 9/10. In the film, Captain Marvel has spent the past few years exploring the universe with the Kree. Both Carol and Diana have lost their powers. Carol is a energy sponge who absorbs energy from the world around her. Her physicals rely on her energy storage and ability to amp using energy. In story she holds back most of the time according to the writer it’s legit stated in the scan and so it’s been outright established that she has the capability to do so. And no one can say that the Amazons haven't filled their extra-long lives wisely. She’s entered her Binary form on more occasions then she’s pulled electricity out of someone’s body so to call it a asspull is ridiculous to begin with and shows your bias against the character. Thats like me thinking I can karate chop a bolder Into pieces because I could rock it. Honestly Darkseid was bright at the beginning of New 52 but he has now returned to his jobbing status. Backed up kind of by something a previous writer did Brian Reed in his Ms Marvel run, Her not going Binary often could simply be explained by once again. In both the comics and the MCU, she hung out in space a lot, including a stint with the Guardians of the Galaxy. I think it was Battleaxe who brought up the Thor moon thing so my mistake there. Either way, Carol is far more powerful than your average human. You're delusional if you think that Hal, Stewart and Firestorm are below WW. @underfire47: It doesn’t make it inconsistent. Lifting a 5 pound wait is easy until your doing it for 3 hours strait. When did I say Ms Marvel is comparable to Superman? She is more likely to us weapons and fight h2h but Carol has many long range attacks so she doesn't have to stay in Wonder Woman's comfort zone. Redirecting the blast with the combined power of the Gods is also a feat for Diana. Odds are she is proficient in fighting styles and techniques that Wonder Woman has never even heard of. Unless of course you think Diana can block supposedly infinite level power with her force shield (Aegis), this feat is unquantifiable and outlier-ish in nature. New 52 Wonder Woman obliterates several big rocks that were going to crush the size changing Power Girl in her giant form. Unless of course you think Diana can block supposedly infinite level power with her force shield (Aegis), this feat is unquantifiable and outlier-ish in nature. Carol suggested she destroyed a world. To throw something x distance. She’s been shown going Binary without any notable energy absorption before. Yea because it's a hard to quantify feat to this day you haven't been able to quantify it for me other than say it's a planetary one but how can it be when she didn't just blow up the planet but clearly caused a chain reaction that after several seconds/minutes had the planet shaking uncontrollable and exploding, that's like lighting up a small fire that rages into a huge one and saying i caused that huge fire myself and it began as a huge fire, so to answer you once again i dunno how to quantify someone destabilizing the core of the planet, i just know it's not a planetary feat, no more than busting an entire continent which would still end the life of everyone on the planet could be called a planetary feat.

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