Any more surf movies on Netflix that we should add to the list? The ocean is a proven method for treating PTSD. When you’re looking for a loosely surf-related movie to mentally check out with, Rip Tide is one place to start. A Plastic Ocean follows two explorers as they learn about plastic pollution in the sea. Told through the powerful narration of a 6-year old boy, Given, follows the life of a traveling family of Legendary surfers Daize and Aamion Goodwin, who values experience over traditional living. The bustling streets of Kandy and Anuradhapura are quickly filling with tourists. The group finds themselves in the worst winter storm to hit the country in 25 years. This means we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. In summary, this film is a work of art, and if you consider yourself a surfer you must watch it. Divers helped rescue a sea turtle in the Florida Keys and then, because of pollution, they had to euthanize her. From the director of documentary Chasing Ice, this film follows a group of scientists around the globe as they document the widespread coral reef bleaching epidemic. A caveat: this isn’t just a surf documentary. Famed photographer and filmmaker Chris Burkard’s most recent film will leave you in awe. The documentarists dive into what it means to have a traumatic brain injury, to be suicidal, and to then somehow find reason to go on living after catching your first wave. As a family, they hop from continent to continent learning about various cultures, finding fun waves, and ultimately growing closer as a family. An array of creatures, including sharks and turtles, are shown exhibiting grand displays of natural behavior. Presented by Patagonia and directed by surf legend Keith Malloy, Fishpeople tells the stories of a smorgasbord of characters who have dedicated their lives to exploring the ocean, in one form or another. The four-year journey of two explorers showcases 20 spots around the globe, including the five major ocean gyres. Related . In a series of 10 episodes, The Polar Sea takes viewers along on an incredible 5,600-mile expedition through the Northwest Passage, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific through the Arctic Ocean. From divers, surfers, fisherman and women, to open ocean swimmers, FishPeople explores the natural connection these people have to the ocean. By submitting above, you agree to Scuba Diving's privacy policy. To everyone’s great surprise, the monumental injury left Bethany far from bereft, as she returned to the water with her surfboard just four weeks after the attack and set herself off on the path to competitive surfing. An official Tribeca Film Festival selection, Resurface, is a powerful documentary that highlights surfing’s ability to heal. The skyline of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital city, is shooting skyward as rapid developments take root, one after another. A shamelessly ooey-gooey chick flick if there ever was one. Here are eight documentaries you can watch on Netflix that will help you appreciate the wonders of the seas. Get Out & Surf Podcast #43 - Big Wave Charger Andrew Cotton, Get Out & Surf Podcast Ep. This documentary just got added to Netflix recently, and my gosh — WHAT a show. Our Reservations Office is get back to you momentarily. 6. 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Surf movies on Netflix are fairly few and far between, and when they arrive they don’t often stay for very long (I was sad to see that two surfing movies I would have loved to include on this list — Given and Under the Arctic Sky — are no longer available on Netflix). And who can blame them, there are literally tens of thousands of options with the click of the button. Magnetic is about extreme sports people from a bunch of disciplines (speed riding, kiteboarding, skiing and snowboarding to name a few) who travel the world in search of the ultimate conditions to do what they love. Surrounded by hundreds of kilometers of coral reef, and inland, covered in winding rivers and…. As someone who knows all too well the crippling effects of PTSD, watching this brought actual real deal tears to my eyes. Cozumel’s waters are always warm and the visibility is often up to 150 feet. This page may contain affiliate links. This film will inspire you to get off the couch and see the world, while making you rethink your personal value system. Want to do more to celebrate World Oceans Day? a couple of hours. 7 Things Divers Can Do Every Day To Help Our Oceans, List Of Nonprofits Focused On Marine Conservation, Share the Ecological Wonders of Galapagos with Your Family, House with Private Scuba Diving Tunnels for Sale in Kansas, Spare Air 300 and Spare Air 600: ScubaLab Field Test, Maui Diving-Scuba & Snorkel Center, Maui, Hawaii, Rescued Sea Turtle in Florida Keys Euthanized Due to Tumors Caused by Pollution, Garmin Descent Mk2i Dive Computer: ScubaLab Testers Choice. we just watched White Rhinos, you should add it to your list, Your email address will not be published. Surfing 6 surf videos you need to watch. Surfing is in the mix, as is spearfishing, coral mining, and long-distance swimming; all connected through the commonality of finding meaning in life through a deep resonance with the water. Radical snagged the title of Best Foreign Film at the Long Beach International Film Festival in 2014. All rights reserved. Find out what life is like at the end of the Earth. Receive Costa Rica surf travel info, flash sales, insider perks, and more. just sign up to our monthly Extreme Nomads newsletter when exiting this page (also located in the footer / sidebar), or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube for more original content from us. Comments/Recommendations welcome below. If you haven’t ticked Dogtown and Z-Boys off your old surfing movie bucket list, you’re in for a treat. It’s been a minute since we wrote a blog post about our favourite Netflix picks, but what with — oh yenno — the whole ‘global pandemic and enforced quarantine’ thing, we thought it was about the right time to squeeze into your screens with some recommendations. Sign up for Scuba Diving’s weekly email and never miss another story. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Nuestra oficina de reservas This film was the original surf documentary, it paved the way for everything that surf media is today. The plot recounts his ensuing fight for survival as the tides roll in and he battles to stay above water, whilst experiencing flashbacks to his life’s most important moments. Or fill out this form and we will A PADI Worldwide Company. LLAMA AHORA We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This documentary just got added to Netflix recently, and my gosh — WHAT a show. List of movies not recognized on IMDB: 5'5"x19 1/4" (also see redux) Momentum Under the Influence Unstoppable recounts the equal parts harrowing and uplifting story of a teenage Bethany who infamously lost her arm in a shark attack while surfing. Obviously. Featuring Craig … This film is moving, informative, and an overall feel film that will remind you just how impactful surfing can be on someone’s life. Grab yourself a cold one and a plate of nachos, lads; and relax. sus preguntas y reservar su viaje. A grouping of Surf movies, documentaries, and productions by Hollywood. Drop us a comment below and tell us about it! Bruce Brown’s 1966 iconic film follows two surfers, Michael Hynson and Robert August, on a world-wide journey chasing waves. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Política de privacidad: odiamos el spam y prometemos mantener seguro su email. Even better news: The epic follow-up, Blue Planet II, is now streaming on Netflix. Hey, want to make sure you don’t miss any of our future articles? Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, this series of eight beautifully crafted episodes tours the wonders of the big blue, covering everything from alien-like creatures of the deep to animals who thrive in the polar seas to coastal-dwellers worldwide.

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