Brand naming is always a difficult job, even more so for pharmaceutical drugs, but marketers should remember to put the naming carriage behind the positioning horse. Yet this is exactly what McDonald’s did in one of the cleverest bits of outdoor advertising this year. We used ON24’s webinar platform to host the debate in a branded instance with a live Twitter feed and chat. We’re thrilled that Olay has been nominated for #TheYouTubeAd That Rewrites the Rules! Peaking in popularity in 2015 with the rise of clickbait, viral marketing is still one of the most high risk high reward endeavors that companies partake in. While the company had nothing to do with this trend, they did manage to gracefully avert the crisis around their brand. Brand naming is always a difficult job, even more so for pharmaceutical drugs, but marketers should remember to put the naming carriage behind the positioning horse. LG and Adidas are both excellent examples of doing meaningful things for large crowds of people or what I like to call 'thank you-worthy' experiences.". We knew we needed to keep the momentum going in 2018. The collection included just 1,775 shirts in total, serving as a stark reminder of just how few of these animals are left in the world. The movie in question was produced by Paramount Pictures as part of the cult following classic movie-verse of “Cloverfield.” Netflix reportedly acquired the right for the movie for a hefty amount. The terrifying reality that women actually need to have body hair to be able to shave it off has been one of advertising’s best kept secrets for decades. Result: As a result of this mass social media attention, IHOP saw a 6,477% in social media mentions in just one day, boosting brand awareness significantly. Read More: Postmates reveals cheeky minimalist out-of-home ad campaign. They didn’t simply make a post or a video go viral, but instead made a movie that is available on the platform go viral. Until this year, most people would have been forgiven for thinking that women were born smooth and just like to shave for the hell of it. In no particular order they are…. What you do with yours is up to you – grow it, get rid of it, or comb it. A welcome email is one of the most popular and effective … They did so by tackling the issue head on, first telling challenges to call poison control and then by sharing this hilarious video on Twitter featuring the infamous US football player Robert “Gronk” Gronkowski. Women featured include NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, who the ads say was responsible for calculating Apollo 11’s safe route back to earth; physicist Lise Meitner, who discovered nuclear fission but whose male partner was awarded the Noble Prize; and Edith Wilson, the US first lady who took on her husband Woodrow Wilson’s responsibilities when he suffered a stroke during his first term as US President. Whether it be the context of the story behind the collection or simply the appearance of the range, it was so popular the collection completely sold out, indicating that despite removing a key brand asset from its product Lacoste remained recognisable. READ MORE: Nationwide, Maltesers and McCain take a stand over online abuse. Messing with a logo often seems to serve brands well, but context and tone are everything. Some 33% said it had led to them viewing the brand more favourably, 30% less favourably and 37% that it had no impact. He also claimed it has driven “record engagement” with the brand and a “real uptick” in traffic and engagement both socially and commercially. Result: This personal, emotive and immersive digital marketing campaign proved as innovative as it did head-turning, resulting in a collective 100,000 video views in the first two days following the race. The #2018Wrapped campaign encompasses over 350 unique ads, many of which are region specific, featuring nearly 50 artists and creators. That’s really how we look at it; it is how do we connect and engage in a way that’s relevant and inspiring to the consumers that we are here to serve?” SV, READ MORE: Vote for your favourite marketing campaign of 2018. Don’t be afraid to create longer videos, just make sure there is value in every second. All formidable forces with a lot of insight to contribute. We launched the video internally first and invited staff (both local and remote) to view the video over a cup of hot chocolate (hot chocolate station provided, marshmallows and all!). American Apparel Gets To The Point Fast.

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