Major General John Curtis Hartley, AO is an Australian defence and intelligence strategist and a retired officer of the Australian Army. The role of the Australian Intelligence Corps is to provide intelligence support, consisting of knowledge of the enemy and the area of operations. Anthony Whealy, a former NSW supreme court judge, said it appeared to be a “complete abandonment of open justice” and questioned what it meant for the future of the justice system. Communication builds trust, cooperation, cohesion, and shared understanding (Ford, 2015). Maximum age guidelines are set to ensure Return of Service Obligations (ROSO) are met prior to the compulsory retirement age of 60. Throughout my intelligence career, DIO has provided a range of professional development opportunities. Intelligence Officers plan, develop and manage intelligence operations overseas in challenging environments. Applicants may be able to initiate the application process from 16 years of age, depending upon the capacity of their local recruiting centre. You will also undertake adventure training, learn about academic life and prepare for your first ceremonial parade as a member of the Australian Defence Force. One of the little known and fascinating aspects of the Battle of Long Tan is the intelligence that was being collected, analysed and distributed to the 1st Australian Task Force (1ATF) Commander Brigadier David Jackson and some of his headquarters staff. You will have received further instruction in battle tactics, military history, administration, training, science and technology and communication skills. The first Director of Military Intelligence was Lieutenant Colonel James Whiteside McCay. All rights reserved. “I am also concerned that we’re seeing more and more cases of this kind. In addition to the above training, Aust Int Corps applicants must undergo a rigorous selection process before being employed in the Corps. You will also have the opportunity to apply this knowledge and experience in the field and practice at section command level, expanding to platoon level towards the end of Second Class. Macklin had planned to visit to help the man publish a memoir about his time in prison. The Department of Defence requires ADF employees to have security clearances appropriate to their employment. In this capacity, Hartley was a Senior Advisor to a battalion of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. This is partially assessed from the completion of an extensive questionnaire covering your medical history, followed by a physical examination. The inmate had asked the court to review the decisions of the ACT government to tip off the AFP and to restrict his communications. After graduation you will be assigned to one of the Army's specialised branches, known as Corps. Note: To apply for this role you will need to apply as a General Service Officer, and while due consideration is given, you are not guaranteed of being allocated to the Corps of your choice. Further information is also available at the Royal Military College website. Working as an ASIS Intelligence Officer is an exciting, challenging and rewarding career that involves the opportunity to work with people and cultures from across the globe. Open gallery An Australian Intelligence Officer chatting with German prisoners of war, Tobruk, Libya, 1941. The intelligence operating environment is dynamic and complex, requiring the highest levels of mental agility and flexibility. [5] Hartley was twice Mentioned in Despatches for his distinguished performance in Vietnam. Employment locations include Perth, Darwin, Townsville, Brisbane, Canungra, Sydney, Canberra, and remote regions such as the Pilbara and Cairns, and selected foreign countries. During Military (ADFA and RMC) Training and (Initial) Employment Training (Regimental Officers Basic Course etc), you will be required to pay a contribution towards your meals, accommodation and utilities. [2][5] Within two weeks, Hartley and 5RAR were engaged in active operations. Your Careers Coach can advise on how IMPS will relate to your chosen occupation. Australian Secret Intelligence Service. Must be aged between 17 and 53 years inclusive on date of entry. Read our If you are commissioned into the Australian Intelligence Corps on graduation from RMC-D you will be required to undergo three years regimental training in another Corps. Defence Academy Entry Officers become liable to an IMPS from the graduation day of their second year of studies. An applicant must pass English and three other Year 12 subjects that meet Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) requirements. After graduation you will be assigned to one of the Army's specialised branches, known as Corps. Initially you will be required to complete several weeks of in-service Corps training and familiarisation. Location of course: Royal Military College, Duntroon Canberra, ACT. [1][11], Since retiring from the army, Hartley has been active in community and veterans' organisations and a contributor to research on defence and strategic issues. [18] He completed the course at the United States Army War College in 1987–88 and, with the rank of brigadier, was posted as Military Secretary at Australian Army headquarters from 1988. In the Army you'll get paid a good salary from day one regardless of your age, experience or qualifications; and your pay increases as you progress through training.In addition to base pay you'll receive a variety of allowances, extra pay for relevant qualifications – plus 16.4% superannuation, a far higher rate than you're likely to find in the civilian world. To see what jobs are available now, click here. The Australian Intelligence Corps (AUSTINT) is a corps within the Australian Army. The secrecy around the case has also prompted strong criticism from senior legal and political figures. [1][11] He was seriously wounded while operating in Phước Tuy Province on 21 March 1971 and was evacuated to Australia on 5 April,[12] but in recognition of his service Hartley was awarded a Cross of Gallantry from the South Vietnamese government, as well as an Army Commendation Medal with oak leaf cluster and "V" device and an Air Medal from the United States. Communication in the army goes far beyond that of simply exchanging information. You should be aware that in addition to the UNSW@ADFA Assumed Subject Knowledge requirements, there may be some Year 12 subjects that are ADF Service requirements. Officers are able to enter the Intelligence Corps after completing their officer course at the Royal Military College, Duntroon. The role of Aust Int Corps is to provide the intelligence support required by commanders and staff at all levels. Intelligence Corps staff work with the Defence Intelligence Organisation, Defence Signals Directorate and Defence Security Authority. Australian Army Aviation Corps; Australian Intelligence Corps; Royal Australian Corps of Transport; ... Our leaders are at the forefront of a world class Army effectively meeting 21st century challenges. Harvard Business School and MIT show that group intelligence of the group rises when women are on teams. Check your suitability by taking the "Most Interesting Job Interview". Hi, I am new to the forum and have been enjoying my time reading through the various forums. You may tender your resignation at any time provided you do not have an outstanding Initial Minimum Period of Service obligation. [1], The corps was disbanded on 30 September 1914 and replaced by Intelligence Sections of the General Staff in each Australian military district. Chandler Luger They draw on their judgement, intellect and personal courage to reach outcomes that have the potential to save Australian lives. [1] Hartley was posted on a two-year exchange with the United States Army Pacific, based in Hawaii, from 1977. You will be appointed for an Initial Minimum Period of Service (IMPS) of nine years. Military Intelligence Officers do a similar role to Intelligence Officers in other Intelligence Agencies – but for the Military (obviously). On completion of your IMPS you may continue to serve under an open-ended engagement until you decide to resign which requires three months prior notification. with the German invasion of Poland, the Canadian Army quickly stood up a number of Special Wireless Units, Britain declared war against Germany in 1939, the Australian Prime Minister, Robert Menzies, proclaimed that, from the West and not East? [13] He was posted as Staff Officer (Grade 2) Operations and Intelligence to the 4th Military District in 1974,[1] confirmed in the rank of major on 15 December 1975,[14] and appointed a senior instructor at the School of Military Intelligence in Canungra, Queensland, from 1976. The training is conducted at the Defence Intelligence Training Centre, Kokoda Barracks, Canungra, QLD. To be eligible for admission to UNSW@ADFA, applicants must have completed Year 12 and obtained an entrance rank high enough to qualify for entry to the relevant degree program. Note: If you already have a degree, please provide copies of your transcripts as well as Year 12. In 1998, Hartley was awarded a Knight Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany and made Land Commander Australia; his final military appointment before he retired in 2000 after 38 years of military service. Intelligence officers in the end are producing, reading and providing guidance on intelligence matters in the conduct of operations. Last year, a man – understood to be a former military intelligence officer – was prosecuted on secret charges in closed courts last year, leading to his imprisonment in the ACT’s Alexander Maconochie Centre. Soldiers accepted into the Intelligence Corps attend 11 weeks employment training, consisting of a three-week introduction course and an eight-week land intelligence course. On at least two occasions each year, you will undertake Single Service Training with RMC of approximately two weeks. The minimum security clearance level required is Negative Vetting Level 1, and current policy requires applicants to have a checkable background for the previous 10 years. Impact on Anti-communist Forces Location of training: Royal Military College. prosecuted on secret charges in closed courts last year, potential visit by a Canberra author, Robert Macklin, Australian security and counter-terrorism. The Universities Admissions Centre website is “I am deeply disturbed by the extraordinary levels of secrecy surrounding the ‘Witness J’ case: secrecy that is a direct result of the commonwealth government’s apparent growing disregard for the principles of open justice and a robust democracy,” Rattenbury said. If you’re highly motivated, have an innate sense of curiosity and a love of travel, then this role might be for you. (South Australian officer applicants may achieve a pass at Year 11 English and a pass in a language rich subject at Year 12 and three other subjects). He later obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Queensland. After graduation, you will attend the Royal Military College, (RMC) Duntroon, for 12 months to further enhance your military training. Some jobs may also require you to complete additional testing at a later date. [1], Hartley entered the Royal Military College, Duntroon as an Australian Army officer cadet in February 1962. This parade, which is reviewed by the Chief of Defence Force is a great opportunity for your parents, family and friends to celebrate your achievements as you embark on your military career. As of 2007, the corps consisted of "169 officers and 232 other ranks".

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