Great work, and it sounds like you’ve done a bit of research and found a formation that really works for you. We won against a good side that where bigger than us with a good goalie. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For the guys up front then I’d recommend trying some drills where the ball is played into their feet to get them used to receiving the ball. Which formation is most difficult for your team to play against? We take a deep dive into all kinds of formations, past, present and future in this Ultimate Guide to Soccer Formations. The attacks we made came through the flanks easily and from goalie reacting fast and volleying up fast. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. 9-a-side is played widely by kids as they progress through to full 11-a-side soccer. A further alternative is for the 2 wide defenders to pivot when the ball is in wide positions on the pitch. Some recommended products may use affiliate links. For this reason many consider it to be the best formation for 9 v 9 soccer. Let’s take a look at the dimensions of 9-a-side: Via. For instance, when the ball is on the left, the wide defender on that side of the pitch engages with the ball while the wide defender on the right tucks in to play as a third centre half and vice versa. Or you can say 2-4(Diamond) 2 Here we explore a variety of 9 v 9 soccer formations and unpack a range of tactics which may suit your 9 a side soccer team. This formation comes into its own when the 2 wide defenders are athletic and can cover a lot of ground. Hi Kalle, yes, it’s sometimes difficult learning to play with 3 centerbacks and I like your ideas as well. However, I would like to take action and see how far we can get. The job of the front 2 is to stretch the opposition defence high up the pitch and create the pockets of space for the attacking midfield player to receive the ball. Watch this video on keeping possession of the ball in a midfield diamond for more tips: This 9 v 9 soccer formation suits teams with players who are comfortable in possession and can look after the ball as it allows for lots of options for triangular interplay with the ball. Pitch and court markings Football pitch datasheet 010 This datasheet provides the details of a full size football pitch alongside some basic design data for these facilities. If you’re unsure then why not start with a 4-2-2 and give yourself a solid base from which to build. 100 yard full pitch 104.01 x 46.23 m min 109.73 x 48.77 m pref O/A ** 90 yard shortened pitch * 93.61 x 53.16 m min The following rules apply in 9-a-side football as played by Aussie Rules UK:[1], All other rules remain unchanged. A circle with a radius of 9.15m (10yds) is marked around it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to An extension of this formation is to play a rotational diamond in midfield with interchanges between the players who can rotate clockwise, anti-clockwise and through opposite points in the diamond to create the space needed to get onto the ball and secure possession. To the rear/sides of the Team Area, the limit line is set at 1.83 m. If space is at a premium, the 1.83 m margin can be excluded to the rear of the team area. Your team will also have to look after the ball in tight positions too and have players who are confident playing in your own third of the pitch because this is what 3-2-3 requires. There is scope for an attacking central midfield player to drift behind the front two. Longer passing into your front 3 strikers is also a dangerous tactic to use. Thanks for sharing the software also, that looks pretty cool to me!!! 9 v 9 soccer is the closest format to a full sized game and borrows many of its tactical formations from its big brother. The difference between winning and losing. There are a range of factors which will affect your choice including the players you have to work with and the strength of the opposition. Having the right defensive shape is essential for stopping the opponents from scoring. A good option would be placing a man to mark them, have a player pass the ball in to them, then they spin around the defender, receive a pass back to them and have a shot on goal… should help them boost their confidence and get a bit of shooting practice in as well!!! The central column of 2 central defenders, 2 central midfield players and 2 forwards provide a solid spine to the team meaning that your team will always be able to compete in central areas. However the … As with any formation where there is only 1 striker there is the danger that they become isolated. 4.2 It is highly recommended that at Under 7 and 8 a smaller goal is utilized. One downside to this formation and something the coach will need to be aware of is how open the team will be if the ball is turned over to the opposition. With so many variations it can be difficult to decide on the best formation for 9 v 9 soccer. 9 v 9 soccer is the closest format to a full sized game and borrows many of its tactical formations from its big brother. Pitch limit line (R/O) is set 3.66 m generally from the pitch. It is arguably one of the most difficult techniques to master and many of the top professional soccer players spent years practicing by striking a ball against a wall by themselves to improve their technique. You really can’t over practice this skill! The single striker needs to be patient as they may go through periods of the game where they don’t see the ball.The goalkeeper needs to dictate that the defence holds as high a line as they can and push the team higher up the pitch as a unit. What formation suits your 9 a side team best and why? My concern is how we could score more. The transition into defence from attacking positions needs to be quick and precise to ensure a good defensive shape. Even just the difference between the team having fun or becoming hopelessly disillusioned. There is also the danger that teams will 'overplay' in this formation with the team becoming brainwashed into thinking that short intricate passing is the only method of playing. The centre mark is at the midpoint of the halfway line. Uniform pitch and goal sizes. In this 9 v 9 soccer formation you must also ensure you have players who are comfortable receiving the ball. It is no good mastering long passing if you’re players are unable to control it and gift possession straight back to the other team! Again a solid base of 4 provides a great defensive base on which to build.

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